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Painting Celestial Vindicators with PP Trollblood Base


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Hello everyone, 

Some time ago I've  got Trollbloods starter and paint set. While I'm not really  into Warmahordes , I've wondered if I could use Trollblood Base as a, well base for Celestial Vindicators armour? If that so, then what other paints (from CItadel, Vallejo, PP etc) would you recommend for me?  Temple Guard Blue? Sotek Green?

Also I'm terrible sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm not a native speaker ;) I

Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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It is perfectly fine, if you look at the arts for CelVins you will see that there are lots of different greens and blues going on so pick which one you like.

For other paints look what is recomended in the battletome and then buy it or use conversion chart (can't point out any particulary good ones for P3) to find a match.

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Like @XReN said there are multiple different variants of armor colors in case of Celestial Vindicators (I have seen 3-4 different styles already).

For example. I used the colorsThousand Sons Blue, Ahriman Blue and Baharroth Blue

The result is in my post.





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