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Total Points Cost



Hey All,

       Just had a question about the points breakdown.  I know that for ex. a unit of 10 Dryads would be 100 pts and 20 would be 200 and so forth, but where my question lies is in the total for the army.  In their Battle Report in the GH they have the army lists of the Stormcasts and Daemons and the agreed point cost was 2000 pts. How can they have 2040 pts then for the Stormcast list?  Since there aren't individual model costs (even though this would be easy to do as a house rule) and only in multiple of min sizes how can you get close to the point allotment or is it just accepted that going over is something that happens and that is why they have the triumphs?  




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25 minutes ago, TheLoneWolf_72 said:

So the point limit agreed on was higher then 2000 pts? And the daemon player just decided to take less points. If that is the case, that seems like a poor example to put in the book.

The Handbook explicitly states the 2000 points was used as a guideline. No hard limit was used. 

It's a great example to use because it shows how two opponents can have a "gentleman's agreement" rather than relying on a fixed number target.

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