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Please allow me to introduce myself...


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OK, Rolling Stones lyrics aside, I can't honestly claim to be a man of wealth and taste. I played mostly Dark Elves (and occasionally Chaos and Vampire Counts) from 4th edition through 6th edition WHFB, before getting a serious case of burn-out (exacerbated by working for GW Retail for several months) and quitting the hobby for over a decade. But AoS has brought me back.

I won't have much time to actually play for a while yet, but I have been getting back into painting. Turns out neither my eyesight nor my hand-steadiness are quite what they used to be, but I can just about wield a paintbrush still.

It's nice to find an online community where AoS isn't a dirty word and I'm not likely to get insulted for saying I like it.

Now, back to laying souls to waste... B|

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