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Hi guys!


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I am about to take part in my first tournament, and I was hoping to get some advice from y'all! 

Any advice for going to tournaments? 

What to bring? What not to bring? How to prepare? How to be on the day, etc? What to watch out for? 

Anything at all! 

Thanks, guys! 


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Army, dice, measuring instrument, objective markers, etc that you'd bring to any casual game

Multiple copies of your army list to give to opponents is helpful to them. Put your name on it, it's hard to remember all the opponents sometimes! Haha. (And to spell some last names)

Warscrolls/rulebooks your army uses. (Even if you know them, again it is helpful to your opponent and makes things run smoothly)

A non-messy snack and resealable drink.  You might not finish in time, leaving a short window for bathroom break and such.

Glue or sticky tac for quick fixes to a broken model.

Cheat sheet for your army so you don't forget what your options are in each phase.  Can help move the game along quickly so you don't go to the time limit.

Paper/pen for scoring.


Look over all the scenarios again to get them fresh in your mind.  There's a lot of options, now and some are very similar.

Look up some common armies and make a basic plan for fighting them.

Before the game discuss things with your opponent like artefacts and battalions in both armies, spells chosen, policy on cocked dice and command points.  

Draw up a score sheet with turns on it.  It's easy to forget what turn it is over that many hours of gaming.

How to be:

Understand that everyone is there to have fun and might do so differently than you. 

Understand that everyone has different ways of acting in social environments.

Understand that it is a long day(s) for everyone there and people can get tired and frustrated sometimes.  Just a game in the end, so be forgiving if someone gets upset over dice or something.

Watch out for:

People carrying their 100s of hours of work and devotion through doorways.

People's models under tables.

Blocks of sequitors, evocators and grimghast reapers.

If you have a long drive, your bedtime.

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