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  1. That’s great, cheers for your thoughts! I think I’ll defo pick up the Jan white dwarf and take a look. Cheers!!!
  2. Hey guys!! I haven’t been able to pick up a January White Dwarf yet, but I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to look thorough the new skirmish rules yet? Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/comments? Worth a look? Thanks again for all your help!!
  3. Hey guys - spoke rob Phil Kelly at the New Year Open Day, and he all but promised my son a great big skaven book soon!!
  4. Thanks for all your help guys, really appreciate it!
  5. Hey all! I am relatively new to AoS, and I have been reflecting on how best to build lists that are a balance of fun, thematic, and also competitive. I do really enjoy narrative play games, as well as the lore and so on, but I still think that trying to create competitive 2000pt armies is an enjoyable challenge. I was hoping to take advantage of all of the expertise on this forum, and ask for advice, tips, and general good points on generating competitive and fun lists? It seems that in the newest versions the main advantage is going to be bodies - given how victory points are generated - have I got that right? I presume any unit that is battleline, durable, and can be taken in large numbers will be the core of any army? If an army could deploy a huge unit to capture an objective, is this not going to be the main method for securing objectives and therefore victory? Don't know if I have got that right - thoughts appreciated! Also - is it worth picking one type of unit, e.g. sequitors/reapers, and then taking them in huge quantities? Is this specialisation better than a "flexible" army? What are the thoughts on endless spells/extra command points etc - worth the investment? Thanks for all your thoughts and advice!!
  6. emd1983


    Looks amazing!! How did you do the "glow" effect?
  7. emd1983

    Lady Olynder

    Hey guys!! Im looking at using lady olynder in my 2000pts nighthaunt army, and I was just wondering how people use her best? Her abilities seem to need her to get close. Does she need shielding/protecting etc? Or keep her distance as a wizard? What’s best?! thanks guys!!
  8. Amazing tips and helps, thank you so so much!!! Some really good points to bear in mind - thanks you!
  9. I am about to take part in my first tournament, and I was hoping to get some advice from y'all! Any advice for going to tournaments? What to bring? What not to bring? How to prepare? How to be on the day, etc? What to watch out for? Anything at all! Thanks, guys! Euan
  10. Really good tips - thanks! I had seen that large numbers of reapers seemed to be the thing, I guess there is part of me still attached to some of the different models... I am sure I will have that beaten out of me on the tournament scene! I would have the spare points to drop the hexwraiths, beef the chain rasp up to 40, and take Olynder rather than Kurdoss. Thanks for your help!
  11. Good shout - I was thinking speed for the hexwraiths, but I see your point! I’ll make those swaps and see how it goes!
  12. Hey all! Im looking at putting together a sacrosanct list, I love the lore and the models. However, I’m a bit worried with their low body coins at being able to compete in the new matched play rules. Does anyone have any advice on good units/combos/ideas for a sacrosanct force? thanks!
  13. Hey guys! I’m at best a casual gamer, but fancy taking it up a notch and have signed up for a tournament in Stirling this January. Ive never done this before - and was after some veteran tips/thought! Ive got my army list below, and was hoping for any thoughts??? Also - what are people’s thoughts on the best combos for artefacts?? thanks guys! 1x knight of shrouds on steed 1x Kurdoss 2x spirit torments 2x guardian of souls 2x 10 grimghast reapers 6x Spirit hosts 1x 20 chainrasp 1x5 hexwraiths 1x10 bladeghast revenants 1x2 chainghasts what do you think guys??? Thanks!!
  14. emd1983


    Hi guys! I’m a new AoS and shadespire player just moved into good old Edinburgh - let me know if anyone knows any good gaming venues/events in the area!
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