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snowy and muddy Living City Wanderer Army


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There has been an update and more colours, please see below in my other post for 2020: 😁

Hey all,
finally I am in a new home and wanted to show you some Wanderers, although it is mostly converted models and not painted ones. At the Moment I am lacking in a bit of determination to commit myself to a paint scheme for the whole Army.
As I am quite the inexperienced painter with a poor camera the models which got paint on them might look a bit .... poor for the lack of better wording. To some Models I have only applied the base coats, some others are painted over and over cause I was unable to decide. At first I was keen on Bronze and dark green, then switched to light green and yellow, then to a darker green and white and silver - all while testing and buying new colours on the way. Finally I tried a base-coat of Celestra Grey and Fenrisian or Russ Grey on the cloaks......  :D
Anyway I am quite proud of my conversions so far.

The Last Character Model is a mysterious Wayfinder - maybe Half-Deepkin?  She certainly inspires all around her - a bit of backstory might also be added, these Wanderers are from Hysh after all which I find fascinating.

Hopefully I will be able to provide updates from time to time, pictures of my Sisters of the Thorn will follow in due time. Currently I am pondering on the possibility to apply spots to the fur of the Fey Steeds.🤩

little conversions 1.jpg

little conversions 2.jpg

Nurgling overrun.jpg

Watchers 1.jpg

Watchers 2.jpg


first steps colour schemes.jpg

first steps1.jpg

front colours 1.jpg

Wayfinder 1.jpg

Wayfinder 2.jpg

Wayfinder 3.jpg

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7 hours ago, Orsino said:

Look like a good start, I like the autumnal colour scheme on that one guy.

Thanks, do you mean the Glade Guard armed with Sword and Bow wearing the Yellowish Cloak?  Actually I don't remember the colours I used there - at the time I was toying with the Idea to give the Army a vibrant feel of light green and yellow. Zandri Dust is in the mix there :)

My Apologies for the flood of pictures - I don't know yet how to mark single pictures with appropriate text so that each has a description for example.

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After messing around with Fenrisian Grey and Russ Grey I have taken a different route and intend to stick to it.
What initially draw me towards Wanderers was the cover Art of the Eternal Guard Box. Just the different Greens and especially the Bronze Armor spoke to me.

Of course the Shading and Highlighting is not done yet (apart from the Bows with Drakenhof Nightshade) - but I am really content and that's what counts in the end.

Green Watchers1.jpg

Green Watchers2.jpg

What would you recommend for Balthasar Gold as a Shade?
Is Biel Tan Shade a viable Option if I want the Cloaks to be both vibrant Green and Dark (I know this sounds weird) - I somehow like the Base Colour Waagh! Flesh already. :)
Also the boots and Gloves are only painted with Rhinox Hide and I dont really know how to continue from there.

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Some Sisters of the Thorn: 
Handmaiden and "Banner"-Bearer with Heartwood-Staff :D



Also I did not like that the Hornblower was not outfitted with a Staff of her own and I adjusted a little - anyway I couldn't squeeze a throwing spear in there ^^


It looks more like she is regaining her balance than an actual spear throw but I tried :D

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Finished these two today: image.jpeg.be21c2f31653c5d088c0f529a483b006.jpeg


Also the ranks are steadily growing




My aim is to finish 30 Glade Guard, currently I am painting up number 14 ^^




These 2 Glade Guards here are perhaps a good example for the overall scheme: Incubi Darkness plays the role of a dark blue / dark green unifying colour, since the blue is also prevalent in the Watchbows. I try to mix vibrant greens with the dominating dark green colours. (Since I fell in love with the Biel Tan Green Shade :D )




I also experimented with sewing threads :D



He is a little bit too sure of himself:



Bonus: Someone Special arrived a couple of days ago:



Overall the whole Warband has become more dark and brooding and I might get rid of the whole Hysh origin- since with the recent surfacing of the Gloomspite and the Beasts of Chaos respectively I am slightly hopeful that Wanderers might be getting a bit of focus too. Therefore I wanted to paint them a bit more "classic" with green being the main colour. Simultaneously I wanted to emphasize a bit of a grim attitude with all the dark leather and the occasional showy dagger pose. :) I also have a personal grudge against Wildstalker Beastmen, so perhaps these Wanderers are determined to hunt them? 
However this topic might be reserved for the time when I'll base the whole wandering bunch of little green people.

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Progress Update:
It has been a long time since my last post.

When CoS arrived I decided on a Living City Force, however I had painted them in different greens already and especially liked the vibrant greens you could achieve out of Ogryn Camo or Elysian Green. 😀

The Models are not really painted to a good standard, the paint is thick, some are still in the shape of my first models I ever painted. However they look alright from afar and I had so much fun with converting.  Most importantly I am happy that my very first Army ever is coming to a forseeable end!

1x Nomad Prince
1x "Assassin"
40x Sisters of the Watch
30x "Glade Guard"
30x Wildwood Rangers
10x Sisters of the Thorn

All Units can also be played as MSU but most of my Army has no banners for flavour reasons as a more sneaky force. ^^

I put the Sisters of the Thorn on Fenrisian Wolves:

Squad Leaders of the ranged Aelves: P1030709.JPG.111f3da62cd39e8f1aa3b49fb049cdc1.JPG

Squad Leaders of the Wildwood Rangers and the Glade Guard Banner Bearer (the only real Banner in the whole Army)


The Nomad Prince, modeled as a Druid of the Everspring casting a Spell 



My favorite Glade Guard Models (now used as Darkshards or Freeguild Crossbowmen)




all of the Glade Guard (30 brave Men and Women)


Some of my favorite Sisters and Brothers of the Watch P1030719.JPG.a638245170f289a7cc6d30ec71e93173.JPG

Wildwood Rangers with small conversions


The Retinue (10 WWR) and the Prince with Night-Blue Capes


The best buddy of the Prince (used as an Assassin and Adjutant)


A view of all the Wanderers on foot


And the whole Army with still 6 unpainted Sisters of the Thorn




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