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Citadel Sand Replacement?


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Hi all - I'm halfway through an army, and my last Citadel Sand has ran out. Doesn't appear to be on GW's site anymore, and I asked my local store and they thought it's gone too. Does anyone have any good replacements?

I have tried a different supplier before, but it was all far too fine or too coarse - if it was for a new army it'd be fine, but I think the difference would really stand out compared to the existing ones.

(Also, I live in the midlands in the UK, just popping to the beach isn't an option 😁 )



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Strange, it’s off the US site too.  Maybe they are repackaging it again or trying to move people to the texture paint.  Woodland Scenics has several grains of basing material.  Gale Force 9 and the Army Painter have alternatives, as well.  You could also go the Home Depot equivalent and pick up a big bag of playground sand.  That will last you a lifetime.

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