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  1. Thanks! Completely missed him! On an initial read of the book I wrote him off as just a liege that can't take trait or item, but that command ability is lovely if you are running Praetorians. The wound roll is the one bit of Mortek Guard that is less than great.
  2. In all the complaining about bonereapers being too good on twitter etc, a few people are mentioning us having re-rolls to wound. Have I completely missed something, or are they wrong in thinking we have that? The only way to improve wounds I can see is the 9" melee only bubble put out by the Soulmason item that doesn't work against other death.
  3. This is the opposite of what I found, I hated my Morghast! I took them as Harbingers rather than Archai (the army is already good at tanking, but reliable long charges are unusual), and spirit swords over halberds (with petrifex, can get them to rend 2 when you need them anyway), but found myself much rather wanting the cavalry instead. The cavalry are quicker (base 12 move, with +1 to run and charge Vs flying 9" move (and a 3d6 charge if Harbingers, so even if Harbingers the average move + charge from the cav is better (20" Vs 19.5"))) and effectively tougher (you are paying 69% of the points per wound for the cav vs for morghast - they do lose the Archai 5++ extra save, but are eligible for the enhance shield spell and are easier to heal). Offence I rate the cavalry higher too, but that's less clear cut. Sometimes the Morghast swing well and just delete things, sometimes they whiff. By having more, worse, attacks the cavalry are more reliable in what they put out - and even post FAQ, being able to put a couple of MW out after the charge can be a very useful option. Plus, they are 5 models for objectives rather than 2!
  4. So, painted like a madman all day Saturday, and managed to take the Bonereapers to a small local tournament yesterday! List was what I could get done in time rather than anything optimised (and I didn't have the Bonetithe Nexus either) and it was (in Petrifex Elite legion, of course): Nagash, Boneshaper, Soulreaper, 3x10 Mortek Guard (swords), 1x2 Archai (swords), 1x3 Stalkers (all swords), Umbral Spell Portal. Won two, lost one. Both wins I had some good dice (the key priority in one game, and made so many saves in the key combat in the other), but in neither game did I give up a single kill point. The loss was a bad misplay by me (lost Nagash before I got my first turn), but that's the downside to using an army you don't really know! The Morghasts were pretty bad (no idea why you'd want to take them over the deathriders?), the spell portal had more of an effect on mind games than on the table, and the little heroes didn't actually contribute anything in any game except discipline points (which to be fair, are key to the army), but everything else seemed great. The top thee performers were: Nagash was ridiculous. He has so many saves and healing - a lot of armies shouldn't even try and take him down. His combat output wasn't stellar, but unbinding everything with ease helped a lot and the change to being able to spam arcane bolt took people off guard - 8 casts of it average to 12 MW. The armywide rr 1's of hit and save really stacked up, especially coupled with his board-wide healing. He does leave you with no board presence, and was a liability against the teleporting gunline, but he can't be ignored. The Protection of Nagash spell seems key to keeping him alive and getting some movement shenaigans too. The Stalkers took all my opponents by surprise just how killy they were. 15 attacks on 3+ rr 1's, 3+, -3, 2 (spending the discipline point) is obscene on a unit that is far from fragile for its points cost. Surprisingly slow for how the model looks (only 6"!), but they were very good. Mortek Guard - wow. These little stars are great. So tanky and good at fighting too. 10 of them with the enhance nadirite spell and a discipline point to increase rend took nearly a dozen wounds off a cabbage (it was good rolling, but still). 4" movement, and no way to force their run into a 6 can leave them struggling to get around, but they still seem ace for their cost. The army (and especially this list) does have issues with turn 1 reach, board control and numbers for objectives but they seem legit overall. To the extent I felt a bit guilty using them at time - having whole armies bounce off battleline units, who then hit back hard, ignore battleshock and then heal up anyway was not fun for opponents. The culprit seems to be the Petrifex rules - other than gimmick lists, I can't see myself giving up the save and rend, it's so good. Discipline Points are key to make it all shine, so seems to be another army which is great at fighting where the solution for the opponent is "kill the characters".
  5. If Skarr uses his command ability 'Murderous Paragon' multiple times on the same wrathmonger unit, can it pile in and attack multiple times upon death? As per the Death Frenzy and Khorne FAQs, models can generally attack multiple times on death, but the Khorne one is worded: Q: The Relentless Fury, Murderous Paragon and No Respite abilities allow a model that has been slain to pile in and attack before it is removed from play. What happens if more than one of these abilities apply at the same time? A: The model would be allowed to pile in and attack once for each ability that applied to it before being removed from play. Does "each ability" here mean each distinctly named ability, or each application of each ability? i.e. does the unit have one boosted version of Murderous Paragon applied to it, or multiple identical versions? Thanks!
  6. So, all points (including fyreslayers and slaanesh) are now set in stone until GHB 2020? (barring any new battletomes).
  7. So, this endless spell says: "As long as the Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron is not dispelled, the caster and the Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron are treated as being a single model from the caster’s army that uses the caster’s warscroll as well as the Endless Spells rules. The Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron must remain within 1" of the caster. If the caster is slain, then the Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron is immediately dispelled and removed from play along with the caster." Once it's out (and not dispelled) can future measurements be taken from the cauldron base rather than the wizard's base? As they are treated as a single model, and measurements are from that model's base? It seems odd for an arachnarok to push all its attacks / measure spell ranges through a smaller base nearby, but if they're treated as one model I can't see how to argue against it?
  8. On the new Arachnarok warscroll - "For rules purposes, the crew are treated in the same manner as a mount." The spider rides the grots!? 🙂 Look to be some fun options in there though!
  9. From the trailer, seems more likely then that the next battletome will actually be pure Moonclan rather than Moonclan-focused grots (like last tome was Beasts of Chaos, rather than Brayherd even though main focus was on the goat boys). If GW are moving away from the Grand Alliance books, would then need to fold Spiderfang and Gitmob into generic Greenskinz book (or a subset in a new Ironjawz tome, though their thing has generally been "biggest orruks only").
  10. Gitmob Grots! Hundreds of them. Killy when the shaman's spell goes off on hordes of bows, and artillery / wolves give you something fun to do other than just sit hordes on objectives and get slowly whittled down. Shame a lot of the models are dated / expensive, and unlikely to destroy all in front of you, but has potential.
  11. Hi all - I'm halfway through an army, and my last Citadel Sand has ran out. Doesn't appear to be on GW's site anymore, and I asked my local store and they thought it's gone too. Does anyone have any good replacements? I have tried a different supplier before, but it was all far too fine or too coarse - if it was for a new army it'd be fine, but I think the difference would really stand out compared to the existing ones. (Also, I live in the midlands in the UK, just popping to the beach isn't an option 😁 ) Thanks!
  12. Ah, I hadn't noticed the wording change on her command ability, that's pretty great. Also with her not getting reroll 1's to would inbuilt like the little keeper, the foot sorcerer's spell becomes a lot more appealing. Her whispered temptations is a lot better then the little one's too! I'd still feel twitchy paying so many points for a fairly fragile model, but shooting seems less prevalent these days and you're right, she'll blend anything she touches really.
  13. That's me! Double Sorc Manticore as I think these days you want at least 3 wizards in a list and I don't really rate the foot sorc, a 2nd keeper or Archaon (and don't like the forgeworld Ex. Keeper model, especially if we're meant to be getting a big plastic next year) and want to keep all heroes Slaanesh for Depravity. It really shows how limited Slaanesh armies are that our armies are so similar! Both at 1940 pts, the only differences are Exalted Keeper, Foot Sorc and 5 Hellstriders v small Keeper, Manticore Sorc, Foot Herald, Lord on Daemonic Mount and the Geminids of Uhl-Hysh. Do you have high hopes for the event? I'd be fairly happy with 3 wins and 2 losses - there are a few lists there I think I'd need to be quite lucky to get a result off.
  14. Just to confirm for the "Models used for summoning cannot be previously slain models unless the rule specifically states you can, these models must also be painted and based appropriately." rule - armies like Legions of Nagash or Hammers of Sigmar are okay to just bring their 2k points and re-use the destroyed units, but armies like Khorne, Slaanesh etc would need to bring duplicates / triplicates of any daemon units they wanted to summon in later in the game?
  15. Sweet! Well found. That certainly helps!
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