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2K Competitive NH - first take


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Lady Olynder

Guardian of Souls w Lantern

Briar Queen

2 x 20 Bladegeists

30 Grimghasts

2 x 10 Chainrasps

Thorns of the Briarqueen

Black Coach

1970 pts


Concept is just 3 big stabby units with blockers + Black Coach.  And I've basically ditched all the character support in order to come up to 3 casters with 4 spells/unbinds.  Artifacts/spells TBD.  I think I will miss the mounted Knight of Shrouds with the +1A command ability and the Dreadblade Harrow too much though.  I'm not opposed to running 1 or 2 Vamp Lords which is both the +1A ability and a Caster.  I'm also looking at one of the artifacts that lets a Hero Unbind/be a Caster.  I really like Lady Olynder as a double caster and the -1 to Hit nerf for Blightkings but she might just be too expensive.  Geminids could do the same thing I suppose.  Anyway, thoughts?  


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Not enough torments. They are hands down our best hero choice. We are not great magic casters, you are far better taking Arkhan as he knows the spells of all DEATH wizards on the board, so take a GoS for near guaranteed healing with +2 to cast and near guaranteed unbinding with +2 to unbind. If you want a magic heavy ghost list that's competitive then you need to ally him in 100%.

Lady O is expensive and has a 50/50 success rate, when she's good she awesome, when she's bad she is horrendous. 

The 20 blades and 30 grims will suffer without death saves against mortal wounds. Also without torments healing and re-rolls they will suffer quickly. Also the bigger the group the tougher it is to keep in range of buff auras and we need to keep un range if them to be effective. 

Finally you need cogs. I tried with and without and it's like chalk and cheese. 

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