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The right of a King to rule over his people is a dual edged sword, for that right can just as easily be taken from him if he is not careful.- Friso Rathenau, Glymmsforge philosopher.

Hello internet! let me just start off by saying that I love the Tomb Kings, it was this army that got me interested in fantasy, so I was devastated to learn the only way to get the original models was to hunt them down via eBay. So I figured I would work my converting muscles and try to fill in the gaps in my army, while I'm at it I might as well create an epic narrative to go with! Bear in mind that I'm also using player created stuff, such as the endless deserts rules by Tyler Mengele( @Mengel Miniatures), and the Suneater Tribes by Ricki Smith( @Melcavuk on this site), as well as my own creations. So I'll finish this first post by posting the Dramatis Personae

The Monarchy

Toyerse the Generous- High King of the city of Kertaten, and Patriarch of his dynasty. In life he was a kind and humble king, a quality that he carries on in undeath. His four prized horses where destroyed by a Wildfire Taurus known as "The Corrupting Flame", so he had his mortuary cult bind the spell to his will so that it may pull his chariot. Lately he has been showing signs of senility, a fact that is not unnoticed by both his allies and enemies........

Omar the Austere-  One of Toyerse's twin sons, Omar was once known as the Kind, and was often scolded for being too lax with the punishment of his subjects. This was before his twin Khusef betrayed their dynasty by turning to the Usurper, becoming a Knight of Shrouds. Since then Omar has raised his city's armies in preparation for war, and to redeem himself in his father's eyes, as despite Toyerse saying nothing could be done, he believes that Khusef's betrayal was still his fault.

Sinse the Blessed- When Morathi was revealed to have been tainted by her imprisonment in Slaanesh's gullet, she fled to hide herself in shame. Toyerse came upon the Serpent Queen while exploring Ulgu for signs of the Lost Pantheon returning. When he came upon Morathi, he bowed as he believed that she was Asaph, in an act of (rare) gratitude, Morathi gifted Toyerse with a Melusai to be his daughter, Since has become one of Toyerse's most beloved relatives and has made strong alliances with the Dreadfleet(custom faction I'm working on) as well as the Daughters of Khaine.

(More to come later on....)

The Mortuary Cult

Hadibib the Scholar- The grand hierophant of Kertaten's Mortuary Cult, Hadibib is considered Toyerse's right hand. Though he now only appears at important ceremonies and whenever war threatens the city, as old age is beginning to takes its toll on the priest. Otherwise Hadibid can be found maintaining the cult's Casket of Souls and renewing the wards around Kertaten. It is said that Hadibib has made a deal with the Scarab Prince known as The Dagger of Usirian, though none have lived to discover if these rumors are true......

Khensu- Hadibib's second in command, and chosen successor for the position of grand hierophan, as well as Omar's closest and oldest friend. Khensu lost most of his body during the Malign Portents, leaving only his lungs, stomach, intestines, and liver which were in canonic jars, and his heart. Never the less his spirit preserved, and he had one of the city's Necrotects build him a new body to better contain the energies release during the tumultuous time. After the Necroquake  Khensu became rather interested(some would say obsessed) with the phenomena of Endless Spells, and has begun to store certain spells away in special containers, so that he may study them later. 

Ephen the Penitent- Once a scholar of the Collegiate Arcane, Ephen's war party was destroyed by a rogue Khemric Titan. Ephen survived, only to driven mad by the scorching heat, when he was discovered by Toyerse's scouts he was muttering about "the great father" and had gouged his eyes out for he believed himself unworthy. Since being inducted into the Mortuary Cult Ephren has become one of Kertaten's brightest scholar's and has been blessed by the gods with Witch Sight.

I'll post pictures as well as allies later on today, until then!


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