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Shaking the Rust Off


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Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'all's neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell

-Nagash (probably)

I'll be honest, I've never finished a project with as many models as we can bring to a game, and so I decided to try and do something to keep myself on task and motivated to actually finish: post stuff on the internet.

The general idea I've settled on is to have very rusty skeletons for my Deathrattle army. Iron weapons caked in rust, ancient bronze coated in verdigris, and more Agrax Earthshade over the scraps of cloth than you can shake a stick at. Basically I want these guys to feel ancient, and the enemy be more at risk of tetanus than they are of bleeding out. As such, here's my first WIP model, the champion for my first Skeleton unit (sorry about the potato quality, I took the picture at night and the lack of natural light seems to have made focusing harder for my 10+ year old camera):



Obviously not done  yet, but I am rather fond of how dirty and old that armour feels (I spent a fair number of hours looking at old metal armour and weapons while trying to decide how rusty to make everything before settling on "very"). The rust effect is Typhus Corrosion with Ryza Rust drybrushed on to try and pick out some of the raised edges on the detail as well as give it some color to keep it from looking flat and unfinished. I know "less is more" with a lot of these sorts of things, but I feel like this hits the look I want more than being sparing about it would.

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No pictures for this update, but I have bought one of those old WHFB Coven Throne kits for $37 from my FLGS and built Bloodseeker Palanquin out of it last night (into sub assemblies) and primed it this morning so now I'm rotating between a unit of 10 skeletons, Neferata (whom I can continue working on now that I have the washes I need to get those ghostly skulls to "pop" and tie them in with the spirits better) and a Bloodseeker Palanquin. This also provices me with two Vampires to use for VLoZD or VL on Nightmare conversion as I want to give Neferata's allies kind of an grand ball or at least a blood tasting social feel to them (basically by making them all women and far less armoured looking than the usual suspects for VLs).

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Progress has been made! Neferata isn't glued to her throne as I need to finish her and her royal seat, but the mount is mostly done (sans the armour and assembly). Oh, and I figured out how to take pictures that don't totally suck. I just had to move back and zoom in while taking the photo in macro. NeferataWIP1.png.b320e8b5ecdcda505a514d835d11cdfb.png


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Just now, Honk said:

Heck yeah!!! Good thinking, looks even better... have fun

Thanks! I put a little work into my Bloodseeker Palanquin because I felt like a bit of a dunce for not double checking the studio paint job before putting the sub assemblies together. Everything is coming together nicely, though I'm still waffling on Neffie's skin. I want to do the undead grey the studio used to give vampires, but I want it a little softer than the hard grey it was done with there.

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I failed at going to bed early last night so I took a couple hours to paint a new model. 



Basically, having seen the very nice looking skeletons for Shadespire I decided to snatch up a couple boxes of them to throw some flavor to my army. The Warden is a skeleton with spear champion, the Harvester is another skeleton with a spear (I'm thinking of putting a broken shield on his base or something just so the model has a flavor of WYSIWYG since the skeletons always have shields anyways), and the other five I'm using as a basis for skeletons with sword units (just need to split a box of skeletons between the two units of 5 so I can sneak in a musician and standard to both units).

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I promise I haven't forgotten that I was doing this, and it's time to finally share a basically completed model!




She might get a revisit to add a couple things to her a base or give the gold a bit of a silver glint but otherwise she's ready to lead her legion to war and drown the opponent in their own fear.

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The models are clearly not done (I need to fill in some detail on the one with the ponytail where she kind of forms around some stair detail) but I did a thing and now have converted Vampire Lords on Nightmares to go with Neferata on the table!



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