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Events UK: The AoS Painting Masters - Cardiff - 11th-13th Jan 19

Cowboy Boots Matt

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Event Title: The AoS Painting Masters - Cardiff - 11th-13th Jan 19
Event Author: Cowboy Boots Matt
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 01/11/2019 12:00 AM to 01/13/2019 12:00 AM

The AoS Painting Masters: 11th -13th January 2019

I am very excited to announce the inaugural AoS Painting Masters! The event itself will be held at Firestorm games, in Cardiff, on the 12th & 13th of January 2019.  I have also included the Friday on the event date, as anyone who has been to a Cardiff event knows the best social is the Friday night!

The event will run alongside Santa's Hangover, this means that Painters outside the immediate top 16 of the rankings can purchase a ticket for Santa's Hangover and move this across to the Masters closer to the date if there are any droputs. Plus the players attending Santa's Hangover will also be part of the spectacle of the AoS Painting Masters, making both events very special!

The event pack is now available:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/amnm08rdu2uwvrt/AoS Painting Masters 2018.pdf?dl=0

- Each Player adds a 'Shadowy Agent' to their army for the weekend,  this model will have it's own unique warscroll and will be key over the course of the event. Players are encouraged to create their own Assassin, Rogue, Ranger, Damned Spirit, Cloaked Daemon etc to suit their army:


- An 'Achievement' system will be in place, with both a balance of gaming, hobby, and zany scoring!

- There will be an equal focus on Gaming, Best Sports/Opponent, and Hobby/Painting Points.

- Realm Spells & Rules are as follows: When selecting your army and declaring which realm you are from, you may also replace a spell from your armies Spell Lore with a realm spell from your chosen realm. In addition, realms will not be pre-selected each game, instead in each game you will either decide with your opponent to fight in one of the realms you have each chosen on your army list, or roll off if a decision cannot be reached. The realm spell & command abilities for that realm will be in place, and you will randomly roll for the realmscape feature.

- There will be a speed painting contest, with an assembled model provided by the event. The model will also be used in subsequent games!

**Many more details to cover over the next few weeks**


The invitation process has begun for the top 16 players in the Pro Painted Rankings, as it stands the top 18 will be invited as I will be running the event and Jimbo is unable to attend. Tickets will cost £45 and will include food both days. There will be a wealth of trophies (I really do mean allot) and prizes during the event.

Firestorm games, 15 Trade street, Penarth Road,
Cardiff CF10 5DT

Top 20 in Rankings (Top 16 invited Initially):


  1. Aaron Bailey
  2. Adam Cunis
  3. Matthew Lyons
  4. Chris Tomlin
  5. Graham Shirley
  6. Jimbo
  7. Ben Savva
  8. Tim Fisher
  9. Danny Cashman
  10. Russ Veal
  11. Steve Wren
  12. John Greene
  13. Paul Buckler
  14. Adi McWalter
  15. Ben Johnson
  16. Chris Mills


  1. Paul Buckler (Paid)
  2. Mike Burges (Paid)
  3. Aaron Bailey
  4. Chris Tomlin (Paid)
  5. John Greene (Paid)
  6. Danny Cashman (Paid)
  7. Steve Wren (Paid)
  8. Mike Wilson (Paid)
  9. Ben Smith (Paid)
  10. Stephen Smith (Paid)
  11. Matt Arnold (Paid)
  12. Tony Kirby (Paid)

The AoS Painting Masters - Cardiff - 11th-13th Jan 19



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