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Titanhost Gargants - Building an army of Giants


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What use would working on a Gargant Battletome be without some Gargants to test it it through with. So plumping for making myself a Battleline Gargant using my Alpha rules I went with:
Bog Drinker - A gargant originating from marshes, bogs, wetlands and moors. There hideous creatures can be smelt for miles around as they repugnant odors drift on even the softest of breeze, a fortunate fact for any would be victims as the soft mud masks their heavy footsteps on the approach. Many manifest webbed feet for wading the waterways, others bulbous eyes to stalk in the low light of their homelands.
And to make him battle line his specialty is Battleborn - Gargants who have dedicated their life to the art of war, soliders rather than rogue predators
For armament I went with a one handed Drake Cleave and a crude Gargant Buckler.
Using the name generator he is hence for known as the Marshwalking Wallbreaker.





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Adding a bit more personality to my Gargants, having such a big model to work with and relatively low model count in the armies lets me try out some things that I've been tempted by for a while but couldnt bring myself to do for a whole army.
Some signs need some roughing up but here's the Gargants shield that he may or may not have looted from a village notice board with a handful of characterful signs.


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