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Battleplan Idea Battlefield Operations


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Hello Folks,


with the new battlefield game on the horizon I recently acquired Battlefield 1 for few bucks. One thing that struck my attention was the operations maps. 

For those not familiar, the game is played on large maps with connected sections, each of them containing some objectives the attackers have to conquer. The defenders have unlimited respawns while the attackers have a limited amount of tickets. 

I thought about how to translate this into age of Sigmar, as I quite enjoy this type of game. 


Attached you find my first draft for this. It should be a fun game for those evenings when you have lots of folks around that just want to push around some models and have fun. 

I'd love to hear your feedback, if you feel this would be fun at all,  your ideas about balance etc. pp.  We've not yet tested this, its fresh out of my computer :D



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16 minutes ago, The Jabber Tzeentch said:

Sounds really fun.  I look forward to any battle reports of this and seeing how it evolves. 

I notice with conquering an objective you’ve mentioned attackers hit points, did you mean wounds? Or models? As the defender is counting models. 

You‘re right. I meant wounds in the profile. The idea was to make it easier to conquer it than defending. So that the defenders cannot just swarm the table rather than pickup the fight.

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