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Allopexes - how to buff them


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Hi everyone!

So i love the mini of the allopex and i want to include several of them in my army of mixed Order (or later, Deepkin with allies).

I know that the interactions and buffing between units is very important in AoS, but i cant see a lot of opporunities to buff them. So i need you to give me your wisdom to find a cool way to do that. What i already know:

- Akhelian King give re-roll of 1 to hit (but its 240 pts...)

- Knight Azyros give re-roll of 1 to hit (and its only 100pts)

- an assassin can hide himself in an allopex

- a soulscryer can make them come from the back of from a flank.

And... thats all i know. Have you pther ideas?


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Hi, Allopexes aren't great units but your best bet for them would be to take Idoneth Deepkin allegiance, an Akhelian King/Volturnos and the Fuethan enclave.

Take a big unit of Allopexes, ideally at least 3.

King gives you reroll 1s within 9' (wholly within I think).

Fuethan gives you reroll 1s (global) turn 2 and 4 and more importantly reroll wound rolls of 1 for mounts (all the time) which lets you reroll on the fins and jaws.

Turn 3 you spend your command points to give the sharks +1 attack on all profiles for each command point. So if you spent 3 then you'd go from 3 jaw attacks (total potential dmg 9) across the unit up to 9 attacks (27 potential dmg). That doesn't even include fins.

If you're worried about protecting them put your unit of sharks and the king with the soulscryer and bring them in on turn 2. You probably want something that will give you at least +1 bravery because otherwise you risk a shark running on a 6 if one dies. If two die in a single round then you're already in so much trouble in hardly matters. Otherwise you can dump a command point to save them worst case scenario.

I don't think this is likely to be that successful but your best bet tactically is to put the sharks into a big unit taking advantage of their relatively small base size to deny pile in.

I wouldn't suggest using them as part of mixed order.

Hope this helps.

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