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Dread Saurian Primal Presence




Do not take battleshock tests for friendly Skink units while they are wholly within 24" of this model.

Would this apply to regular skinks? 

I know that the bravery buffs from stegadons apply solely to Skinks rather than Skink Units due to the wording. 

Just as Skinks only have the Skinks keyword not Skink, whether i'm wrong assuming it is applicable to them? 

This list is driving me round the bend deciding ha...


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I just checked all the warscrolls and see what you are talking about. Almost every Skink unit (Starseer, Chameleon Skinks, ...) has the keyword SKINK. The only exception is the "normal" Skinks unit, which has the keyword SKINKS, but not SKINK

So yeah, the Dread Saurian´s ability Primal Presence does not work on Skinks (in this case being the units name).

Likewise, the Stegadon´s ability Steadfast Majesty does only work on Skinks (but not on Starseer, Chameleon Skinks, ...).

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34 minutes ago, rokapoke said:

@SolomonHelsing, the best route is to clear it with your opponent. There are so few units with the SKINK keyword that could theoretically fail battleshock that it is asinine not to include Skinks as part of this effect.

Yeah that's true, I might well email the TO'S for the two I want to use it for soon and ask for their ruling on it being ok before hand. One of them is Warhammer world anyways so that'll likely bring it to light for gw themselves a bit too 

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