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Huge Sylvaneth army for sale


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I'm selling my Sylvaneth army, it's great painted collection. 

Alarielle the Everqueen 

Spirit of Durthu 

Treelord Ancient


Branchwych ( Silver Tower Mistweaver) 

3 Citadel Woods 

3x5 Tree-Revenants 

20 Dryads (fully converted using Witch Aelves, Dryads and Tree-Revenants parts)

4x5 Spite Reventants (kitbashed)

15 Kurnoth Hunters (6 Bows and 3 Scythes and 6 fully magnetized with all options available) 

+ Sylvaneth Battletome 

+ GW Sylvaneth Warscroll cards and markers 

+ extra 3 Citadel woods (unpainted , unassembled)

+ 5 Sisters of Thorns (assembled) 

I would like to sell whole painted army , extra Citadel Woods and Sisters might no be part of a deal. 

Also I've got Safe&Sound boxes for whole army. 

Army is located in Warsaw, Poland ?? but I can send it anywhere, also Can put it on eBay as well if buyer would like it that way






IMG_3737 kopia.jpg

IMG_3740 kopia.jpg

IMG_3746 kopia.jpg

IMG_3747 kopia.jpg

IMG_3754 kopia.jpg

IMG_3756 kopia.jpg






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