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Modified 800p thunderstrike brotherhood needs another 200p


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Hey all.

I got a box of Thunderstrike brotherhood gifted from a friend and it will become my first army. Found a nice article from SpikeyBits on how to make the most out of the set.

I bought some bits from ebay and this is what I'll end up with:

10 Liberators (2 with greathammers)

3 Prosecutors (javelins and a trident and shields)

5 Retributors (2 with maces)

Lord Relictor

Lord Celestant on dracoth (with a shield)

Now I need about 200 points of something to add and I need your help. I was thinking something with magic? 

In the article he mentions the Anointed..looks pretty decent. I personally like Neave, but she might not bring what I need to this list.

Me and my friend both agreed that 1040 is acceptable, because that's what he can make as well.

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Interesting, interesting..

Loremaster sounds very cool, especially because he can protect himself from ranged if need be and would make Lord-Celestant a beast, ye.

Knight-Incantor looks neat because of the spirit storm, but I'm pretty sure he would be focused every time. But maybe that's not a bad thing..

I saw the new sequitor unit. That would be a neat solution, but i don't want to spend 50€ on a chaff unit.


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2 thoughts - 1 with magic, one without.

1 - no magic - 5 Judicators. Gives you ranged threat which you lack at the moment. Also a third battleline unit if you want to expand the army to 2000 pts or just want to take your Libs in a 10 blob to reduce drops. Also 160 points, taking you to bang on 1000

2 - magic-ish - 5 Evocators. While these clash with your retributors a little in the heavy infantry role, they are Wizards giving you a dispel and access to a couple of spells. Plus they are awesome in combat. 200 points taking you to your 1040 limit.


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