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Looking for KO Ironclad (or Frigate) Spares/Swaps


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Currently putting together an Ironclad and like a numpty, I've managed to glue the wrong handle onto one of the doors...

So, I'm looking for either one of the "smooth" round handles (87/88) or one of the "bobbly" handles (86).  If somebody has one they've yet to assemble, I'm happy to do a swap too, I've one of each currently so happy to swap (that way nobody is out of handles).

Alternatively the KO Frigate has one of the "smooth" handles that I'd happily swap for the "bobbly" one I've got.

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  • RuneBrush changed the title to Looking for KO Ironclad (or Frigate) Spares/Swaps
On 8/13/2018 at 5:54 PM, Double Misfire said:

I've not got any Kharadron handles, but if you don't get any offers I've got three handles from the Steam Tank kit that you're more than welcome to if they'll fit. :) 

Cool!  I'll give you a nudge depending on if anything else comes along!  Thankfully they're best as one of the last pieces to go on (else you risk snapping them off!)

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