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Hellfire Stormcast


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Toying with a Stormcast paintscheme that I'm not 100% convinced on, I like the concept but cant seem to decide if I like the end result.

The concept behind it is Lady Olyander and some savvy death mages have conjured a beguilement over a Stormhost, until their next reforging they are stuck in an illusion that shows every wound, every death that their soul has sustained (essentially the physical matches their damaged souls) right down to the burning flame of their soul from the reforgings. Its a very sombre, potentially soul crushing thing for the stormcast, each time they look upon each other they get a reminder of what they are, and whilst simply dying and reforging would cancel the illusion its not an easy thing to do when you can see the damage every previous death has wrought upon you.




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Cheers the legs have a solid amount of chips and scratched but I won’t lie by the time I got to the torsos I was excited and impatient to see how the scheme would look that I just painted them undamaged. I’ll mix these more intact ones into damaged units to spread them out so it won’t be so jarring.

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More painting progress on the cursed Stormcast, started adding funerary candles to the armour that each Stormcast lights in memory of a previous life, whilst the sight of such candles alongside their cursed appearance can be disconcerting it is even more haunting to look upon a Stormcast who has clearly been reforged time after time yet lacks the memory to light even a single candle. Such is a reflection of their burden and curse. 




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