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One-week only order Warhammer Fantasy minis!

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See for yourself! Six characters from the WHFB are on sale for one week

- Settra the Imperishable

- Khalida

- Greasus Goldtooth

- Zacharius the Everliving

- Grom the Paunch

- Gorbad Ironclaw.

This made me so happy as a huge Tomb Kings fan who wishes he could buy the old minis and play them -  who couldn't buy the classic models first-hand without paying extortionate ebay prices.


P.S. My apologies to the mods if I posted in the wrong forum! I just wanted to let everyone know as I hadn't seen any other threads about it.

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@Dead Scribe don't forget that whilst the Tomb Kings models have no army there's no reason you can't use these models as a proxy for others. Plus GW has been slowly releasing some new rules (as just linked above) for their use in casual/open play. So there is a place to use them, but the primary focus of these limited releases is for collectors. 

We might see some re-released with new models in time or a similar design approach (eg warboss on boar) under a new name at somepoint in the future. 

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