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New to this forum and AoS

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Hey all, 

New to age of sigmar but been into GW since the 90's, and through a chum have suddenly got utterly obsessed with it and will be creating legions of nagash. 

I'm still uhming and ahing about which legion to use, but my original inspiration was the old vampire counts so vampire leaders with lots of deathrattle feels right. 

I've joined this forum because I've devoured every legions of nagash batrep on YouTube, every article on warhammer community related to them, and the meagre tactica on 1d4chan.org, and Dakka just doesn't have enough age of sigmar chat going on to satisfy my hunger! 

Oh and for those interested, my army will be a small coven of vampires hidden away in ghyran, seeking a cure for eternal bondage to nagash while paying lip service to neferata. So skellies covered in moss and flowers, protecting their privacy and looking out for the local townsfolk who provide them with food and camouflage ?


So, thanks for having me! 

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9 minutes ago, AaronWIlson said:

Welcome to the forums @Captain Roderick  :D 

Legions of Nagash are in a very good place right now so you should have a blast with them. What's your plans for growing in the army? 


Well thanks folks! I've been enjoying this forum immensely for the past few weeks. 

I've got ten skellies, Barrow lords box, Spirit Hosts, a hundred zombie dogs to convert to make dire wolf equivalents, 5 dragon princes for blood knights and a range of interesting vampire and necromancer bits from all over the web. I'll be starting with path to glory, with a vampire lord, necromancer, ten skellies, ten dire wolves, spirit hosts, blood and black knights (following legion of blood initially) and have basing materials and Hexwraith flame on mail order. Not found time for much painting yet though! 

I'll probably end up going legion of night or grand host in bigger games, built around a deathmarch battalion. 


Thanks for your interest! 

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