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  1. Got enough stuff for that at least ? My buddy is a teacher, so will be free for lots of gaming soon. Planning to play path to glory first, should help me get to grips with things, work out which units I want more of.
  2. Is that because of the better options available to the other factions? They don't get a specific sacrament bonus, do they?
  3. Hey folks, I've got 6 spirit hosts and am yet to play a game. How do you find them in LoN? Looking for testimonials/tactical advice ?
  4. Why thank you! It's quite hard to type with steepled fingers but trust me I am trying so hard right now
  5. Now I've seen this used on the new nighthaunt heroes that can be taken in LoN, and rightly so - they can pick from either lore. But Reikenor is nighthaunt only, so surely as an ally can never benefit from allegiance abilities? The extra spell quite clearly is an allegiance ability. Yes the wording in the tome is dubious, but I'm pretty sure that the overall ruling still applies. I'd be looking out for a clarification naming allies in a LoN force as an exception to that rule, rather than playing that allied death wizards get the benefit. Because without it being specifically stated in LoN errata for AoS 2.0 that you can ignore the "no allegiance for allies rule", what's the point in the rule? (my first time giving my opinion in an AoS rules discussion, whoop!)
  6. Ooh good shout! Hadn't spotted that one. I'll try and hold off buying it until I've painted most of my current stuff though, still not even opened my Barrow lords box yet. Was thinking of doing a conversion with Nethyrmaul the Undying for my vlozd but the dimensions and cost would be considerably greater, never mind the effort!
  7. GW in general 20 years, age of sigmar zero! Much appreciated, I've had trouble theming what I've got - big block of skellies is of course the way forward, and you're right I have the stuff to do fast or grindy at 1k. Yeah, probably more skellies I know, maybe a vlozd, hexwraiths, but I'm feeling a bit vague about it. Need to fall in love with the crunch again!
  8. Many thanks - just what I was looking for ?
  9. Hey folks, I've been going a little nuts on ebay etc and now have a fair wodge of stuff either waiting to be built or en route through the post. Due to pouncing on bargains and getting a bit distracted by all the chat about grimghast reapers, I've lost the focus I had on building a 2k deathmarch grand host or legion of night, and due to being selfishly peeved with battlescribe for them changing the LoN listing for AoS 2.0 (thus requiring effort to port my old lists across), I'm finding it hard to drum up much enthusiasm for creating a new list based on what I have. I know there's a good few folks on here who love a bit of list-crunching however, so to rekindle my enthusiasm and focus, I thought I'd throw it out there - how would you use the stuff I have? Specifically, what would you use at 1k from this range? And what would you suggest for a 2k? (other than more grimghast reapers of course!) So I have/will have: 3 vampire lords, 2 on foot 1 on nightmare, with some wings hopefully en route in the post for one of the foot dudes 2 necromancers 2 Wight Kings (both with blade not axe) 46 skellies - 10 with spears, 16 with blades, the rest unassembled 10 grave guard 10 Black knights 5 blood knights 6 spirit hosts 3 Vargheists 4 grimghast reapers As many dire wolves as I can be bothered to assemble. A bit messy I know ? how would you use them?
  10. So I'm now wondering if the distinction between the two tactics could be based on whether you've got first turn or not? Or, more subtly, whether you're liable to be first on the objectives? If you've a good chance of getting on the objectives, then your want gravesites nearby to keep your units there grinding away. If not, having a little space lets you repeatedly slam a suicide hammer into the foe - black knights, for example? The opponent won't be able to effectively camp both your gravesites and the objectives if there's enough space between them. Does that sound right or am I fishing for a core philosophy that doesn't actually end up working out in reality?
  11. I'd also be interested to hear people's opinions on this, any pointers etc. I've watched quite a few battle reports and I have yet to see any where opponents are making the effort to block gravesites to prevent respawn - deliberately anyway. It seems like you can place them aggressively (for regen) or defensively (for respawn) but I don't have any experience of this yet. In the Legion of Night thread there was talk of placing some in the backfield of your opponent to summon a hammer unit from the grave, then using the cogs to have a better chance of a charge. This implies then that you'd place the "anywhere on the board" sites within 15" of an edge, and have a hero in ambush to bring the unit from the grave. To me it sounds risky, as one would imagine an opponent would find it easier to block gravesites in their own territory, but the uncertainty of when and where the ambush will come seems to have utility in keeping the opponent unbalanced according to players in that thread. I personally am worried about blocked gravesites, possibly even more than I'm worried about my general dying and my losing respawn that way. I'd love to hear some insights/philosophy/advice on this topic!
  12. Thanks for the explanation ? I wasn't sure if there was another layer I wasn't getting - much clearer now. Much appreciated!
  13. Ooh interesting. Can you expand a bit on your reasoning there?
  14. Thanks for sharing - really appreciate hearing action reports ?
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