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Were to start


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Hi guys. Been out of Warhammer for Ron's and with AOS 2 I'm looking to take the dip into the hobby again. 

Is the general  consensus that distruction is in a good place looking to the new edition?

What destruction army is the best to start with?


Im having more fun list building bonespliters. But dislike hord armies and the modules are eh. Iron jaws look cooler but much less options 

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If your new to AoS in general, I think Ironjawz is good Starter army along with Stormcast and maybe Blade of Khorne since their playstyle is easier for newer player to use and grasp. they are probably the best army to start with in Destruction as a whole since they have a Battletome, SC box, and newer models (except Ardboys).

Beastclaw Raiders are good if you don't want to do a horde army since they have low model count and you can build a full army really fast at good value with their SC boxes.

All in all I think the best way to pick an army is find one you like aesthetically and then see if the  army's battleline units is something you would enjoyed painting over and over again.

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