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Write your own AoS2 preview


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So given the recent grots preview I thought it would be funny to have people write their own previews in the same vein.

Bring on the funnies people!


With the new command point system gutbusters got even better. Since you can get extra command points with battalions gutbusters can now really abuse the tyrants ability to make your army immune to battleshock.

Just take the army you would have before and with the points cost reduction gutbusters are getting you can buy enough command points to whip your entire army! It's like playing stormcast except you only need to do it once, per unit, and take a bunch of mortal wounds!

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This looks fun!


Beastclaw Raiders

WarCom: What are your top tips for Beastclaw Raiders players?

Nick: Well, Beastclaw Raiders only have one command ability, but it is famous for being one of the strongest command abilities in the entire game! Bellowing Voice lets you reroll charges - Nagash, Gordrak, even Glotkin wish they had something that strong. My advice for players struggling with tactics is to really consider charging the enemy. Charging is how you get into melee combat, after all, and that's where your Mournfang and Thundertusks really shine. You can use the new command dice system to reroll a failed charge roll too, though I guess that doesn't mix well with Bellowing Voice, but that's okay. Honestly once you charge with the mighty Beastclaw Raiders, there's almost nothing that can stand in their way - except a massive regiment of normal battleline that cost less points than your attackers - but who plays those?

WarCom: Wow! Do you have any generic artefacts and endless spells to talk about to pretend like BCR is getting more than just a Mournfang unit worth of point drops?

Nick: Of course! Endless spells and Realm Lores are something loads of armies will be taking great advantage of with their already powerful in-house wizards and named characters, so Beastclaw can ally in some overpriced single caster with a bad spell and no bonuses to cast - this will keep you in the game against Tzeentch, Morathi, or Arkhan no sweat! 

WarCom: Any nails in the coffin you'd like to pound in before we're done?

Nick: Yes, I just wanted to specifically mention that Stone Skeleton will remain terrible.

WarCom: Thanks!

Nick: Thanks!

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