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As you can probably guess, Im going to be painting up some Daughters of Khaine.  I waited to see the Idoneth release and while cool, they dont quite match up to the DoK figs in my opinion.

Im going to go with the Temple Nest to start with and go from there.  

Im planning on painting up marble bases for them.  Im a firm believer that bases can either make or break a well painted fig.  Im debating which color marble to paint.  Ive got a really cool one ive used in the past and with green being the primary color for the snake part of the Blood sisters/stalker I think it will contrast well.  Im going to substitute the blue/grey colors for a deeper red.   




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I think this is the marble color/effect im going to try to recreate.  


I really like the darker colors.  They will be a challenge to work with but I have a good idea on the colors I need to use.


Im also considering using this color scheme for my Blood Sisters and Stalkers.



I think the marble and the colors on the snake portion will really compliment each other well.  The first box will be arriving by the time I get home from work so I should have some WIP pictures by this weekend.  





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