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Hello everyone, and welcome. 


Brief Intro:

Lately, I have been putting the hobby(playing war-games for 10 years) on the back burner due to multiple changes in my life (moving, new job, losing 50 lbs), but I kept buying models, battletomes and paint in the 8 month hiatus.  I always enjoyed painting and assembly (actually playing varies), but do not have the time like I did in High school/college for the hobby.  So, I made some hard choices and sold about 14 armies/projects/other games and kept my favorite.  Surprisingly, My 3 out of 6 favorite armies are order(stormcast are simply tagging along).   In this thread you will be seeing SCE, Slyvaneth, Daughters, Seraphon, maybe Deepkin, and other projects.  Each army will be planned, have phases, tutorials, and story.  Battle reports are possible but later down the road. 


This thread is a way to stay focus, and motivate, and give back to the community.  I will be doing a  status updated every Friday (I will post also when models/lore/battle reports are finish).    In order for preventing burnout, I work best when I have a main project, and a smaller side project for variety/break.  This thread may update into a blog at one point (depends if this works).   So let it begin.

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Main Project: Hallowed Knights (Stormcast):

I do a lot of ebay selling and buying, and I just have acquire stormcast models over time.  I have decided to keep the army due to lore, ally with my other armies, gryph hounds, get back into the swing of painting, and I want to test using an airbrush.  They will be hallowed knights camber on marble bases with slight conversions (scrolls on armor, feather wings, etc).   The goal is to portray the honor and nobility of the lore onto the models, while learning new techniques. 


  • Have phase 1 (current models not on spruces) complete by August with display board for first Army on Parade at the latest.   
  • Learn to use airbush
  • Improve OSL and Lightning weapons effects

Phase 1:  25 libs, 5 Judi, 10 Retributors,  6 Prosecutors, 1 Lord on dracoth, 2  Relictor,  1 Lord-Castellants with gryph hound, and 1  Knight-Venator.

Phase 1: WIP Pictures


Questions for the readers:  Who should be my small side project while working on SCE?  Start repaint my 8000 points of  Slyvaneth? Start painting/building Daugthers, which are sharing the same base scheme as my SCE? 

Thanks for reading




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