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Expanding WE with Sylvaneth Allies - What to pick first


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Hey TGA,

I've recently got back into Warhammer via AoS with a couple of friends and I chose to begin with Wood Elves, an army I always had an interest in in the past but never went for as people said they were quite difficult to play especially when focusing on elves over dryads and trees.

However the new Sylvaneth stuff has got me interested and it would be nice to have a break from painting elves. I'd like to pick up some Sylvaneth allies for my army and was wondering where to go first.

Currently I have:

- Assorted heroes including a dragon
- Glade Guard
- Sisters of the Watch
- Sisters of the Thorn

I haven't yet had a chance to play with the Sisters of the Thorn but overall I feel that I need some melee presence. I was going to pick up some Rangers for monster killing until I decided to look to the Sylvaneth. I'm thinking a unit of Hunters of Kurnoth (with scythes or swords?) or a Treeman would be the best place to start, but any suggestions on what would compliment my current army would be helpful.

Also, when fielding a mixed WE/Sylvaneth force is there a firm favourite choice for which army to pick the general from or would that depend on the army itself? I haven't played a mixed army in AoS yet but is it better to go say 30/70 rather than 50/50 on composition?

All help will be appreciated!

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Composition and general will depend entirely on keywords they affect and how much you want it to affect your army.  Most command abilities affect just one unit so you can plan around those.  Alarielle, for example, would lose tons effectiveness if a mixed army.  None of the other Sylvanteh heroes provide much for command abilities so you may want to look at Wanderers for that.

Hunters make a fantastic front line melee unit.   Unfortunately you won't be able to take the special lore so i'd forgoe a spell caster and back them up with some form of treeman.  The sisters spell will go really great on a treeman making some incredibly hard to kill front-line units.  

Tree-revenants are also really great and don't need special support to function well.

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I had some cash on me while I was in town but not enough for hunters or treemen so I decided to grab a box of Tree Revenants to begin. I think I'll finish painting up the elves I've got and then shift into more Sylvaneth; hopefully the Wanderers get some GW loving sometime soon :P


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