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Selling/trading - Big Oldhammer Clearout

Double Misfire

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Hi all,

Crossposting from the Oldhammer Forum, unlikely any of this stuff will be very appealing to folks' here as this is a forum that celebrates GW's modern games, but I don't see what the harm in offering it is.

A friend and I have both had consecutive clearouts of our piles of (mostly) lead, and have sorted out the stuff that we're frankly never going to paint/don't even remember buying.

I'd like to offer it up to you fine folks before braving the perils of ebay. This is the first wave and there will be much more to come, prices are entirely negotiable, I'm based in the UK and happy to post stuff anywhere in the world. Any painted models can happily be stripped before posting. Will also trade for unpainted Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblin characters, command and archers, and the current Empire Helblaster Volley Gun/Helstorm Rocket Battery kit new on sprue.

If you need better pictures or more information about any of the models listed (or are able to ID any of the stuff I haven't been able to properly) feel free to get in touch. :) 

Without further ado, here's what I've got:

Bugman's Ranger variant F:
This guy is very rare and I've seen him go for £150+ in the past, so I'd only consider serious offers on him.



Black Library Redeemer and Malakev diorama, primed black:



Specialist Games Necromunda Ash Waste Nomads x10 (some converted)
Two of these guys have had their gun barrels trimmed/replaced. I'd like to sell them as a job lot if possible for convenience's sake.


Misc Necromunda:
x4 Van Saar gangers, Cawdor Juve, Cawdor heavy bolter


Misc early Citadel sci-fi:
x3 Paranoia Blue Troopers, x2 Rogue Trader guardsman/mercenary types


Misc Imperium:
Uriah Jacobus, Redemptor Kyrinov coversion, Daemonhunters acolyte, Imperial Guard tank crew, Catachan melta gun, Deamonhunters servitor, x3 Techmarine servitors


Rogue Trader/2nd ed Orks:
Squig Catapult runtheard, x2 mekboys, Ghazghkull, 2nd ed Weirdboy, grot artillery crew, 2nd ed stormboy (no jump pack), x2 2nd ed meganobs, 2nd ed meganob plasma arm


Ork Traktor Kannon:
Non-standard wheels


2nd ed Snakebite boar boy bitz
As you see them, x3 boars with metal heads, x3 torsos and x5 sets of legs


Misc Gorkamorka:
Rokkit Buggy gunner, x2 Harpoon Trak gunner, metal boy, slaver missing whip, cybork made from parts from the (fairly rare) Mad Dok upgrades blisterbApnK8t.jpg


Mordheim Mercenaries:
x3 Marienburg champion with swords - complete, x2 Marienburg champion with flail - complete, x3 Marienburg captain with pistols - missing arm, Reikland champion with sword and buckler - missing sword arm



x6 6th ed High Elf Phoenix guard, missing halberds:


x9 5th ed Bretonnian Grail Knight champion torsos:


x9 5th ed Red Duke vampire lord skeleton steed left hand sides:
No idea why the friend I'm selling these for has these missing the other side of horse. Possibly only planned to use the head. Cheap!


x8 C27 preslotta Goblin Fanatics:


Misc greenskins:
x7 C27 preslotta Chaos Goblins, unidentified goblin, x2 unidentified orcy types


Misc greenskins and other baddies:
Gnawdoom, Throt the Unclean, 4th ed Black Orc boss, Talisman plastic Dark Elf sorceress, 4th ed Savage Orc, x2 5th ed Brian Nelson Big 'Uns


Misc Oldhammer:
x2 unidentified preslotta guys - unsure if even citadel, C03 'Word Power' Cleric, Marauder Reiksguard, x2 unidentified militia types, Norse with two-handed axe, unidentified mummy, Pirazzo's Lost Legion Drummer, Bretonnian Trebuchet crewman, Alcatani Fellowship champion body, 6th ed Empire greatsword - head and sword removed


Misc Oldhammer part 2:
x2 unidentified milita types - missing weapon/hand, preslotta king of some description - unsure if Citadel, Norse berserker with sword and axe, ME-23 Rohirrim Knight with Sun Shield, Dwarf King's court king and gnome jester



Whew! Thanks for looking, more to come :D

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you know when a thought pops into your head and you say it outloud without thinking, I did the same typing!

Publicly apologising. reading back what I wrote it wasn't cool. I was rude. Sorry man.

I'm interested in everything and anything. If I see a price on an ad that looks good I buy it.

all the best and good have a good sale

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