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Hello from Phoenix, AZ!


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Hello everyone! My name is Brendan and I live in Tempe, AZ which is part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. I rage quit 40k a few years back and had slowly petered out on WHFB probably during 7th Edition. I am in the process of building a GAC Nurgle army but I have yet to play a game.

A buddy of mine is also into Oldhammer and I'm building a Nurgle army for that as well.

My usual FLGS is the Game Depot if anyone wants to get a game. I make it out to Imperial Outpost from time to time, but it's very far away from me. I also play Tohaa in Infinity.

I host a podcast called Full Metal RPG which is all about tabletop roleplaying games. Check it out if that's something that you're into. We can be found on Soundcloud and iTunes.



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