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Help with tournament (Flesh-Eater Courts)


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Hello everyone, I am new to this faction(Flesh-Eater Courts) and I have a tournament in February, I would like to be fairly competitive, the tournament will be at 1000 and the next at 1500, in my game environment, there is a lot of Khorne, Tzeentch, ironjawz, the list of my current purchase is this:

-Starter collection
-Nightfeast Hunters (x2)
-Varghulf Courtier

I would not mind adding something else if necessary, thank you very much in advance, a greeting from Spain (Canary Islands)

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I've had mixed success with FEC and I still like them overall. They are fun, with great flavor and narrative.

A weakness is the battalions are for the most part useless in the GHB era (Ghoul Patrol excepted). They lack any ability to get a really low drop rate or deploy across the board really quickly.  Another is that Legions of Nagash basically ended Spell Summoning of Death units, which while not a huge part of FEC play, was kind of needed if you wanted to play with the points summoning options that FEC have (basically if your General gets sniped while points are still off table, only way to get them into play was summoning stuff. so now even less reason to summon and all our Command Abilities are essentially useless in Matched Play). Third, the Necromancer no longer can buff or synergize with FEC at all, so your only really viable Allies are the Mortis Engine (excellent!), Morghasts (good to get strong Rend in your force), and Dire Wolves (mostly for where you have 60 points left over and the cheapest native FEC unit is 80 :-p)

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Hi everybody, 

I personally had quite good experiences with a varghulf as general with dark Wizardry, a king, big bunch of horrors completed with 2x10 ghoulies. Coming up to 960...

9 Horrors with a king nearby are  scary against low save opponents... of course shooty armies are a pain to deal with

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