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  1. the truth that having one of the largest books in the game is a shame that we have limited ourselves to 1 way of dealing with the garbage that gw creates, although it is true that when we have renovation we will be the broken ones and the others will lose, I have 6 Vanguards raptors and I will not buy more fear of the nerf that we will suffer in the form of points rise or worse.
  2. is that since we are an army of units of 5/10 miniatures and average salvation of 4 + .... neither goals can you keep. by the way this was my list: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Tempest LordsMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (220)- General- Trait: Bonds of Noble Duty- Spell: Celestial Blades- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderKnight-Heraldor (100)Knight-Incantor (140)- Artefact: Patrician's Helm- Spell: Lightning BlastBattleline10 x Sequitors (260)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields- 5x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield-
  3. I just played a game against the new ironjawz and they got over me like never before, I mean ... are we really so bad at the current meta? That +1 damage is deadly against an army that saves 4+ on average and that their units are 10 miniatures (us). the damage 2 of the crossbows it does? kill 12 orcs? congratulations ... now you will have in your mouth 6 gruntas or 12 brutes ... Has anyone survived against things like this (ironjawz or ogres)?
  4. hello, honestly what you say seems impossible to me, you can't make a book to everyone's taste, say things like that we have useless objects or that there is no synergy seems very hasty to me, it is a book that barely has two weeks in the market and an immense range of miniature, it is impossible to draw any clear and definitive conclusion of how the book will be. gw does the books in the rough, I do not agree that he does not do them by testing or based on playing, they take it out and or they do well and ridiculously broken (flesh eater courts or slaneesh) or do things wrong. we ca
  5. I do not agree that the Rockets are better than the hellblasters, the range is 27 '' plus 3 '' more for their movement, also if you add to this the command feature of: Ghoul Mere Ranger (Friendly units wholly within 12 " of the general can run and still shoot later in the same turn) we are talking about a more than considerable range to annihilate anything that is in the middle of the table, it is true that I agree that artillery pieces are missing, if you want play Greywater, I would put 5 hellblaster with the combo said above, greetings
  6. Hello gentlemen of the order, yesterday I played my first two games with this army and I have drawn two conclusions, the first is that the artillery has lost something, but not so much, it had the perfect combo (Lord ordinator, cogsmith, 2 hellblaster, 2 rocket, but the celestial hurricanum, with battalion), in turn 1 I left the terrorgheist with 2 wounds, but my opponent with a ghoul spam list removed my screens (state troops with shield), the game as many in this game was decided with the double turn of (******), if I had won it, I would have swept his list, besides I made rookie mistakes fo
  7. Hello everyone, an important question, when they use the old Sylvaneth Wyldwood, the three trees of the '' middle '' continue to place them ?, the new ones are supposed to be in their center without scenery
  8. Hello all friends, recently I have done with a pack of freepeople and I have a tournament coming soon for pairs to 1000 points per ally, I am somewhat lost with this army, I play with a friend who uses sylvaneth, but I notice that I leave it a bit alone In all the games we have played, my question is: there is life in this army outside the box (I like to call the guard company supported by riflemen or crossbowmen). next I leave what I have bought at the moment, any help will be well received, I would not mind pulling allies or even playing generic order. General in griffon general
  9. With the book in front, I can say that the Hearthguard are and will be very good, but the truth is that I do not know to what extent, people are saying about the '' horde '' of 30, but gentlemen ... even with the discount of horde we are talking about a unit of 600 points ... it does not seem at all efficient, in fact I do not consider it a horde ... because on top of that we have to add the heroes so that it becomes really effective, I think its use is in units of 10 or one of 30, but no, it's my opinion
  10. Well I am quite happy, now we can play the Vulkites in various ways, the Herthguard seems to be the key in the competitive environment, but it is still too early to say, now we can use the Magmadroth more than ever and the heroes simply have a different approach (which at least for me is very good) Having said that, I understand the people who had 120 Vulkites in their house and now (for the moment, in the absence of seeing the book) they do not see the same use, but what is said is still soon, I see them for example on the screen. typical hard bug (Terror flesh eater), sure you think twi
  11. what is your list weirdcabbage, if it is possible to know it, the truth that I am about to leave my ironjawz aside for something more '' competitive '', not having many options and see how gw renews whole armies and leaves us lying It rages, thank you for sharing your list
  12. Thank you very much for the job, I will start BRAYHERD is the one that attracts me most of the moment, and telling me my answers.
  13. Hello everyone, I recently started this magnificent faction, but I'm lost with so many troop options, what is playing more? I do not like Tzeentch's things, any advice will be appreciated
  14. silly question, I see many people here saying the stormhost and I see no need to use them, that is, you can play gavriel for example and play without stormhost ... or am I wrong?
  15. Can you use an artifact, in this case, the one that forces you the Stormhost on a named character? (Gavriel)
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