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High Elves - Question regarding army list/allegiance

Benjamin Ek

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I haven't played Warhammer for fifteen years and finally decided dedust my old High Elves miniatures and play some Age of Sigmar. Unfortunately, I am a bit confused regarding battleline/allegiances. I apologise in advance if this is a noob question: 

Would the following list be legal under the Order allegiance? 

Army List 1500 pts


Loremaster  100 pts

Dragonlord 340 pts


30 x Highborn Spearmen 240 pts (Battleline)

20 x Archers 200 pts

5 x Reavers 160 pts (Battleline)

5 x Reavers 160 pts (Battleline)

10 x Phoenix Guards 160 pts


1 x Bolt Thrower 120 pts

1480/1500 pts

As far as I read the rules in Generals Handbook, Reavers and Spearmen would count as battleline when playing Order, thus giving me the three battleline units, which are required. Is this correctly understood? 

Any help understanding is highly appreciated!


PS: Any criticism of the list is of course also very welcome. But to clarify I first and foremost put the list together with the intention of using as many of my old miniatures as possible. 

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