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  1. 1. Correct. You will get both defiant avengers and implacable march. "The only change is that you won’t be able to stack the allegiance abilities from Firestorm with any others apart from the Grand Allegiance abilities." Meaning you both. See: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/06/firestorm-matched-play-rules-update/ 2. Deciding on the trait is up to you, only roll if you can't decide. Other than that correct. 3. Correct. 4. I'm assuming you're referencing the command trait? If so, it is in addition to the command ability, they are entirely separate and command traits always have effect, a command ability is chosen in the hero phase, and your general can use only one (unless affected by something like strategic genius). You can always use inspiring presence instead of the command trait on the warscroll, and can use both in a game, just not in the same turn (unless affected by something like strategic genius). Yes, you could use both with Strategic Genius, but don't forget that you have to roll, and it's only a 1/3 chance. I would take something more reliable, and assuming your general is the Dragonlord, Master of Defense and Tenacious are good defensively and Legendary Fighter and Reckless are good offensively. The Drakespawn Knights have good bravery so battleshock shouldn't be a big worry. 5. Correct Scenery wise, rolling is optional. It is random, but can result in a rather barren or overflowing board. I would personally suggest you set up whatever looks cool, both armies are melee focused so you won't be giving either side a huge advantage, just is the Slaves to Darkness army has big units don't add too much. Use the mystical terrain rules and GW terrain if available, it helps spice up the game. As far as objectives, I wouldn't bother, it'll be easier to just kill each other's armies and since you're both more melee focused there shouldn't be any risk of one player camping with guns. If you really want one, go for a battle plan with easy set up, set up 2 objectives in the middle and like 12 inches apart, or maybe even try a narrative one, they aren't super balanced but they can be fun. Good luck with the game. If you have any more questions, just ask.
  2. That sucks. The warqueen looks great. Don't get discouraged.
  3. The realms are pretty open to interpretation. I personally come up with custom regions. What realm is the event taking place in?
  4. New (not from the realmgate wars) narrative battleplans. More focus on campaigns. I'll second the sieges.
  5. With open war cards, you can get the twist double or nothing, which gives you 2 twists, one of which could be the twist which provides 2 objectives. You could have Map, 2 Objectives, an additional twist as well as the one which gives you the second object, the ruse, and the sudden death. I had one game with everything except the sudden death.
  6. The scenery compendium also has some good warscrolls. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-scenery-en.pdf
  7. Oh, didn't think about one wound characters. If d6 and 2d6 don't feel right 2d3 might work. It ups the average a little.
  8. Seems pretty cool, d6 is a pretty small distance though. Maybe 2d6 would be better? Also, the damage seems like it should be mortal wounds. It is a giant tower.
  9. My Stormcast are going to be fighting for the Skull. They have battled their way through the darkness every day, and simply see this as another stage of infinite conflict. They seek to quiet the prophets to keep the conflict controlled, their greatest worry is that the conflict will erupt into a huge war.
  10. mumperpa

    Starting stormcast

    I'm not a tournament player, but I play stormcast and this is what I think would be the best. LCoF:general-100 points: artifacts I would say mirrorshield and staunch defender Lord-Relictor 80 points: lightning chariot Celestant Prime 340 points 5 Judicators x2-160 points: battleline 10 Liberators 200 points: battleline 5 Retributors x2 220 points 3 Prosecutors 100 points 3 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows 180 points Battalion Hammerstrike Force 220 points Total 1980/2000 The celestant prime isn't necessary, but he's pretty awesome.
  11. the only explanation is that in GH2017 Nighthaunt already had allegiance abilities.
  12. @michu summed it up perfectly. I love skirmish, but it was a little lacking. Hopefully no longer
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