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Hi from Zaragoza, Spain


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Good morning every one! 

I'm writing from Zaragoza (capital of the ancient and proud Kingdom of Aragon). First of all, sorry for my english, I can mostly understand but is harder for me to write. 

I started in the Warhammer world more than 10 years ago. I collected dwarves and ogres in Warhammer Fantasy. After some years in which I turned away from this hobby, I discovered Age of Sigmar just one year ago. I went back for my beloved dwarfs, now called duardin. I have bought some Fyreslayers and some Kharadron Overlords, they look awesome!!

I still dont know how to play AoS, and my friends that used to play Warhammer, they don't collect anymore, so I don't have a chance to play with them. Fortunately there is a Games Workshop store here in Zaragoza, but I'm too shy to ask them to teach me how to play. 

However my favorite part is to paint the miniatures, and I think I'm correct, not awesome as many of you, but is okey. I'll upload some pics.

Was great to discover this forum, see you my sigmaritan friends!

PD: Respect the Kharadron Code

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Hi and Welcome to TGA!  Your English is far better than my Spanish, so no worries on that front ;)

When it comes to learning the rules, especially on your own, I'd suggest having a hunt on YouTube.  There's various videos out there that will help you pick up the basics so that you can then go into your local GW and ask for a friendly game :)

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