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20 year lay off


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Hi all

I am just getting back into wargaming after a 20 yr lay off. I stopped when I was 16 due to lack of funds... used to play 40k (2nd ed?), Necromunda, Bloodbowl, Man'O'War and Warhammer Quest... pretty much everything except Fantasy haha

After watching battle reports on YouTube AoS seems awesome. Coming from a competitive background I am not looking for fairness or evenly matched opponents but interesting challenges and tough battles. That plus the streamlined rules system got me hooked... my 6 yr old is super interested so he will be playing it too. I've also got two friends who train with me that will be playing.

To start I've picked up an old Island Of Blood set and once I'm done painting those I'll start collecting new releases. Hoping I can still paint ok... but these days I have the luxury of YouTube tutorials :)

Would be grateful for advice on what books would be best to pick up... I'd like some fluff and battleplans (scenarios?), other than that all good... cheers!


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