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Finnish Wh gaming since -84


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Well I lied, more like since whfb 5th edition in 1996. I also play Kings of War and Warhammer 40k.

I have collected mostly Games-Workshop miniatures for many years, most of them unpainted (shame SHAME)

I'm lazy painter, easily distracted by pc-gaming, lol but when I paint I can do tabletop quality easily or even higher.

I have tried Age of Sigmar pretty much straight out of the book, but the interest in the game waned after 10 or so games with my gaming group.

With Generals Handbook coming I got interested in AOS again and found this forum through Mr. Currys podcast and Whiteks (spelling?) GarageHammer podcast. Only problem now is that I need to get peeps playing again.

With love from Finland lol: Jorma

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