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7th July - Club night

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5 hours ago, Wensley said:

Hi fellas

if anyone fancies playing a fossil I would love to arrange a game. I'll be travelling down with Adi and Pete Scholey.



Wensley ( John Dale )



This is clearly a fake account and needs to be banned ?

Nice to see you getting on board with Age of Sigmar John, see you at club night.

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Hi everyone, 

I'll be at the club tonight, still a newbie to AoS (first and only game so far at last months club) so i've got a real mish mash of old 40K daemons, the Khorne mortals from the box and the starts of a deathrattle force. If anyone fancies taking pity, or having an easy win, or if I could join in with another game to get a better grasp of some tactics that would be awesome.


Steve Watson

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