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  1. I think this is an interesting debate, and having spent a fair amount of time as a playtester in the past i think it can really vary. The main thing for any game is knowing it inside out, including your army and your opponents. This comes with time spent playing the game, and yes the PT are often people that play the game lots. However, often the role, as it suggests, is to test items out. This may be a new rule, a new model, a new ability etc does it work, is it clear, how does it play, does it break something, is it pointed correctly. Now fast forward 6 months to a release date, do the PT still have the advantage? Not only have they been looking at other books in the interim and new rules etc. They have even more knowledge and yet they still have to remember how the "current" book plays. In some ways this can be a disadvantage. I distinctly remember in WFB there being a few times as a group or at an event I was like that's not how the rule works, only for my opponent to say yes it here here is the book / FAQ and then I just go quiet as i realise why I the rule was not as I remembered. Can a PT think that unit is ace i will buy one of them when they are released? Sure, but how long does the hive mind of the internet also take to find that unit? 0.0001 seconds? So in summary being a PT means you are a good player already but imo it does not give you a real advantage anymore. Caveat - if the internet did not exisit then i would change this opinion. One of my fav things was to go to a tournament our group of 5-6 players would have theorised lists etc, but before all these forums existed we were in our own bubble, you attended a GT and boom 100 players and lots of new tactics and choices were found. That was the internet forum of the day, so back then a PT would have had an advantage as they had longer to find that combo and although lots of bubbles may have found it the internet was not as it is today with the hive mind of sharing. However, after 1 GT this was out in the world and so people then copied it.
  2. Love the cards, any chance of making a card up for the two standard prayers too?
  3. As i have not played many games the other week i found myself looking through the app so often it slowed the gameplay down. I have always used a spreadsheet programme for my armies either excel or google docs. I find this easy to sumarise the rules, if there are any particular ones then they can be looked up at the appropriate time on the app. It made the game quicker for me as instead of looking up a unit each time it had to move or fight i only looked for the special rules. This also has the benefit that i can with a little work on my part hide rows to keep out the clutter of units i am not using. Is it user friendly, not especially, but as i am only playing once a month it works ok for me.
  4. ChrisT

    Gaunt Summoner

    Painted up for the Derby mini painting competition June 2016
  5. ChrisT

    Blood thirster vs Dragon

    The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury takes on the Wizards Dragon, whilst the blood letters mop up the remains of the white lion woods men.
  6. ChrisT

    Derby Club Night

    Khorne vs Aelf on Derby Club night 19 May 2016
  7. Yes it was my first and only event last year and lots of fun (although i might play x-wing again this year...) Will decide nearer the time... Either way this weekend is a great one.
  8. Ben I put my water effect stuff in the shed (and its cold and wet outside atm) so don't have a reference, but i know you used to able to buy it at Hobbycraft. It was a pour on product, i did it in layers and that allows you to add in some colours underneath. I would say though you need to have your model level! Also it is faily mouldable so you can add defects into the layers if needed. ie waves etc, just be careful pouring it as i did not find a way to remove it when it was dropped in the wrong places.
  9. ChrisT

    my photography studio

    Managed to upload via android, but the screen layout was too cluttered and so had to edit this information later. my set up was two old shelves, my painting light, a4 white paper and some sticky tape.
  10. Ben, looking at the gallery there seem to be stars that i assume you can rate others models. It just seems that it is turned off or at least clicking on them seemed to do nothing! P.s. i created this thread as a bug report thread since i could not see another general queries area
  11. ChrisT

    Tzeentch Wizard

    Old school model re-based for the new era of AoS.
  12. ChrisT


    Standard bearer for B&G 2015
  13. ChrisT

    Beasts of Nurgle

    Converted from Plague drones and river trolls with a smattering of Nurglings thrown in.
  14. ChrisT

    Herald of Khorne

    Re-based & painted for Blood and Glory 2015
  15. ChrisT


    Painted for Blood and Glory 2015
  16. ChrisT


    Painted for Blood and Glory 2015
  17. ChrisT


    Re-based for Blood and Glory 2015
  18. Re-based and painted for Blood and Glory 2015
  19. ChrisT

    Skull Cannon

    Painted for Blood and Glory 2015
  20. Skarbrand, painted for Blood and Glory 2015.
  21. ChrisT


    A close of of Skarbrand, painted for Blood and Glory 2015.
  22. Ben at the bottom of the forum are two custom columns that need sorting before the live date.
  23. ChrisT


    Skarbrand was the first big monster i have attempted in a while. He was bought specifically for the Bad Dice Blood and Glory event where I thought it would be a good idea to start my foray into AoS. Quite happy with the result especially as he was only bought on the Wednesday before the event! Loved using him at the tournament, except in the game vs the two empire cannons, who knew they were so accurate and did so many wounds (not me that's for sure).

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