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What is the Best Grand Alliance?


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Hey Guys!

I just figured out what grand alliances are!!! 
I need a few for a few armies




I was thinking about combining Khorne and Nurgle, but is it a good aliance?
I was thinking Two units of 5 blightkings, Epidemius, 2 units of 10 plauge bearers,  1 blood secrator, 2 Blood priests, 1 Glotkin, 2 units of 20 blood reavers,  a Mighty Lord of Khorne, a lord of plauges and finally, 2 Skull grinders. I have no idea what I am doing so anything helps.


For Stormcast I have no clue...

What should I pair them with???
FyreSlayers, Duardin, or Sylvaneth???

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On 11/8/2017 at 6:39 PM, Arkiham said:

Chaos really works well when paired up with other things from that god. 


More so than anything else I believe. 

Truth, but to address his question: if playing straight Chaos alliance, Nurgle and Khorne do help each other out, Nurgle brings resiliency, and Khorne brings speed and rending attacks.

As far as Stormcast, I don't know. Ask that on the Order forum.

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The only problem with having khorne and nurgle is they are both melee centric armies.

you would probably be better off mixing something with range or high mobility (personally I don't rate khorne as high mobility) with either one of them.

i play khorne and if I were to build a grand alliance list I would probably add in tzeentch skyfires, high mobility and ranged damage.

stormcast are all rounders already, not many gaps to fill. The only thing I would add is some form of magic, which you could just ally in and still get stormcast allegiance. This is more a conversation for the order forum though.

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