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  1. Shoot the living hell out of them would be my recommendation
  2. I think at 140 it would become a competitive option, but at 180 I would probably just take the skull reapers although I wouldn't call it a bad option. Hits almost as hard as a bloodthirster at 100 points less and doesn't use a precious hero slot. Disclaimer edit: I haven't used a slaughterbrute before, this is pure theory
  3. I have a feeling if skarr dies and comes back he won't count as it's master any more. I can't quote anything but I think I read it in a past FAQ (not specific about skarr). Maybe someone else can weigh in here?
  4. That's what council of blood is for. Target saturation!
  5. If the unit has the key word khorne you can use them in a blades of khorne army. They are not mercenaries, allies or whatever else.
  6. Unfortunately I haven't played any games yet since the new battletome came out so I'll leave that to some more experienced generals. In regards to paint styles, you can do whatever you want. The classic khorne paint is red/brass but that doesn't limit you at all, I've personally seen white, silver/metallic, black schemes but there is nothing stopping you from painting them blue or pink or orange or whatever else you can come up with. They're your guys, don't let anyone tell you how to paint them.👍
  7. Damn, never done it before. Guess I'll have to learn if I want to be a lazy painter!
  8. What do you guys think in regards to needing to varnish them? I've read some mixed reviews about whether it's needed or not. Does it really rub off easily?
  9. I still want to try sayl, war mammoth and bloodstoker combo. It would be one hell of a backfield distraction
  10. Fun fact, if you spend over £100 at the store they will post it international for free! So yeah, I have a few shopping lists haha
  11. Just bought my ticket! Just so happens it lines up with when I'm in the UK. (I'm from Australia)
  12. I think of it in a similar way to video games. Are you a person who upgrades their PC frequently so you can run a game at 1000% graphics level? And if it isn't at max do you lose enjoyment? Or are you the guy who makes sure they have the minimum specs covered or downgrades graphics settings to make it run smoother. But ultimately enjoys the game just as much? I'm the latter, and I also play with a lot of grey plastic at times. Although I'm trying to get better. The downside to this game is if you run grey plastic army you're potentially downgrading some else's experience if that is something important to them. What I don't like is people (online or in person) shaming others because of their level of hobby progress.
  13. You can attempt a charge after the teleport though. And all our flesh hounds including karanak get reroll charge. At 9" it is a long shot but the probability is around 48%.
  14. Thanks for that mate! Appreciate it. I'll check out his work, I happen to be in Aus as well. Which side are you on?
  15. Everyone else has covered most what I can share so I'll just add this. You can always go the route of choosing an army that has low model count. The risk being that you could end up with a weaker army (if that matters to you). Also, consider an airbrush. There are some shortcuts you can achieve by using one that might speed up your painting.
  16. That being said, if you can get hold of a second torso and wings (or you're handy with sculpting I guess) skarbrand comes with enough spares to build a second regular thirster
  17. Hey guys, so I'm looking at doing some big conversions, more for fun than tabletop. Has anyone got pictures of the following (preferably with another model nearby or a tape measure so I can see the size): Exalted bloodthirster Skaarac bloodborn Mazaral the butcher Regular bloodthirster. It would be great if someone has all of them next to each other but I feel like that would be a deposit for a house all in the one image. Thanks!
  18. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/10/noah-webster-moving-away-british-english/
  19. With Murderlust it could attempt to make a charge move, as far as I'm aware if the unit is wiped before the charge phase you could charge again. Hardly a common situation though.
  20. Reduces incoming rend by 1 in melee. It is pretty good, plus has skull reapers (awesome) and bloodwarriors (less awesome but good and we need battleline anyway)
  21. Maybe it is future proofing for instances where enemy abilities make you reroll unmodified wound rolls of 6? Probably an error though.
  22. Keep in mind that sometimes, using bloodtithe for out of phase movement, blocking a key spell or an extra unit attacking can save a unit (or kill an enemy one), then you don't need to summon the extra bodies.
  23. Just one last tip for you, pick a list/style that you want to play. Then stick with it for a while. Don't go and completely change your list every time you play a match, get some experience with a particular build. Make tweaks if you need to, but try and think of every unit has having a set role (maybe with flexibility to fill multiple roles) and if they aren't performing in that particular role, look to make adjustments. Hope this helps in some way
  24. The point of it is that other units won't be getting 3 "free" special weapons any more compared to our 1. We are still limited, but they'd at least be limited by points.
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