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My Khorne list


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I know it won’t be the most competitive but im thinking of running this. 

Warscroll Bat

Brass stampede


lord on jugger- general, Slaughterborn, heart seeker



BToIR- armor of scorn


6* Skullcrushers full comd, glaives

6* Skullcrushers full comd, glaives

3* Skullcrushers full comd,  Enscrolled


1940 pts

I feel I can make this work, but really i want to paint all the big guys. Although we play competitive in my area we are by no means on the cutting edge. I should be able to shove this at people take out some key models early and use attrition to deal with the larger units to stop them from one upping me on obj. What do you think?

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I think I would definitely be worried looking accross the table at that!

The problem with the Bloodthirsters is that they are actually quite easy to kill... I think the list will do quite well early game but you will struggle to hold objectives so games like starstrike where all the points are in the late turns probably wont go very well for you. I think it would be a fun army to play though, flying around double-teaming units with your 'thirsters 

You could also look at a full on Brass Stampede. I think you can fit about 36 crushers in :)  

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It's a very interesting list, if you love the Bloodthirsters than certainly go for it. There are other interesting alternatives to running other Bloodthirsters aswell and I typically think most 2k lists have room for one but I also think you'll have a lot of fun with this. I think you'll have an amazing time with this force if your opponent are also set in a semi-competative mindset, meaning that if they do not only bring Tournament builds you'll have interesting games. 


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