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  1. I have no idea how I missed that. Thank you. Anyone else have ideas ? I feel I have met proof of concept. Any major issues?
  2. As per the the list I uploaded. Im looking for advice on this list. I will be running it at a 1 day event and following that a 2 day. I have a lot of reps with it and I feel play it well. What would you change?
  3. Dannathar


    Can i put more than one on a hero? I feel like I should just know this, but here we are
  4. I was looking at 2 chainguard in a Nighthaunt army. It covers the full battleline with a ton of regeneration
  5. Can you run 2 of the same one? ex: 2 gore Pilgrim wsb
  6. I just looked at the FAQ and have one more thing to add. the command trait Devastating blow which was until FAQ worded identical to Decapitating blow has been changed to mortal wounds = to damage. Why change one of 2 identical abilities? Further if I take devastating blow do both abilities work on a roll of a 6+ on the same swing?
  7. The Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne has the rule for roll a 6 or more to hit do mortal wound instead of normal damage. What if his command trait is "immense power" adding one to dmg of the weapon. If I read it correctly, do you then do 2 damage and then if you roll a 6 or more you do only one MW not 2?
  8. I'm not one to complain, but my khorne army gets hooped by some of these spells. I'll call out Everblaze comet for example. If I don't dispel it at cast, it just smashes me for the whole game or Dominates an area. I have no way to get rid of it after cast as I can't move it off the table and don't have a wizard option in my army. Don't get me wrong my Sylvaneth loves this addition to the game. But will Khorne get any kind of answer to this. In the lore he hates magic, It doesn't say he is gimped to it.
  9. Perfect thank you. I believe the last answer was saying that as well just missed the context.
  10. I feel i used poor wording when i asked my questions. I want to confirm that I have my facts straight. As i need to know if i have one or two ways to deal with the spells or if i can only run them off the table. Thanks for the answers so far. A) Khorne has a piece of wargear that lets a hero unbind a single spell during the magic phase like a wizard. So in that one instance I know that character can unbind a single spell attempt. B) For 2 blood tithe points i know can auto unbind a spell anywhere on the table. With an endless spell you can attempt to unbind it at the start of your hero phase. This costs your wizard one of the spells he can cast. 1) Is the action of removal of the endless spell an unbind or is it something else? 2) Can I use the above to unbind (ref A)? As I don’t care if I lose a spell to cast. <==That being a tax ON doing it not a requirement TO do it. 3) Can I use (Ref B) to remove it or does it need an faq to do so based on wording?
  11. I believe it is 2 blood tithe points to unbind a spell anywhere on the table. Or do you mean removing the spell is not unbinding it?
  12. I get that you can try and stop one but when its already in play at the beginning of your hero phase you can attempt to remove at its normal cast lvl. If I have a hero that can dispel like a wizard say from a piece of equipment, can they make the attempt? They meet the requirements to dispel they just don’t give up a spell to cast that turn as they have none. Also, can khorne’s second chart ability be used to remove one? Thank you
  13. Dannathar

    My Khorne list

    I know it won’t be the most competitive but im thinking of running this. Warscroll Bat Brass stampede Leaders lord on jugger- general, Slaughterborn, heart seeker skarbrand BToUF BToIR- armor of scorn Battleline 6* Skullcrushers full comd, glaives 6* Skullcrushers full comd, glaives 3* Skullcrushers full comd, Enscrolled 1940 pts I feel I can make this work, but really i want to paint all the big guys. Although we play competitive in my area we are by no means on the cutting edge. I should be able to shove this at people take out some key models early and use attrition to deal with the larger units to stop them from one upping me on obj. What do you think?
  14. I have seen people mention this thread has been stolen by people not at the event. I live across the pond and could not possibly make it. But my comments are directly related to the event. I feel the terrain allowed for shooting to dominate, look at the lists they speak for themselves (some more overtly then others). From what I have read and the coverage I've seen this year and previous years. this is a top notch event run by some quality fellas. At the end of the day terrain directly effects shooters we can ask for GW to do something about shooters, but we have the answer. So we can change nothing, you will see shooting galleries and just pass the buck to GW... Or solve the "problem" ourselves, and participate with GW. If a skyfire cant move then shoot in any direction at anything all the time because its standing in and open field then it won't feel under pointed. If it can cover a lane then is forced to move to another lane to stop a hero from capping. then its a choice. As is right now with an open table they are 360 derp machines. Be part of the solution.
  15. The problem with skyfires, khunters with bows and kunnin is not the points, not the dakka and not the characters stuck out of units. The issue is tournaments don't have the right terrain. Look at the tables its a shooting gallery. We need los blocking stuff and a lot of it. So shooters actually need to move and commit to kill stuff. Not just derp shoots with impunity. Every time you try and move a unit you opponents shooting just lets loose. The table we play on around me have good los blocking and shooting is still amazing if you out maneuver your opponent
  16. Baldo is correct. He is a friendly model so cannot be targeted, but any effect that is global that hits friend or foe is gtg. For example the Roused by magic effect in my Sylvaneth army hits all non Keyword Sylvaneth. So although he is friendly he doesn't have the keyword. so for my that guy is an easy kill. Plus I can drop a hero near him when I need him to go away.
  17. I'm very new to Sylvaneth and am wondering about some of the war scrolls. One allows me to once a game return an unit of dryads to the table after it has been destroyed. I assumed you paid for this ability by paying for the war scroll. At my local store I was told I could not do this as I needed to put the points aside to "summon" this unit back. I get that summoning requires you to pay ahead for units and use the spells to place them in advantages positions during the game but If this is right then in my case I'm paying for the privilege to pay for a unit to be on the table. why would I not just put another unit of dryads on the table? clearly this cost of the ability was factored into the cost of the war scroll battalion. Am I wrong?
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