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Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crosbows and "Headshot" ability

The Golem


So here's the Vanguard-Raptors (with lonstrike crossbows) 'headshot' ability:


Headshot: If the hit roll for a Longstrike Crossbow is a 6 or more, it causes 2 mortal wounds instead of its normal damage.

My question is: if I roll a 6 on the hit roll, do I still have to roll to wound?

I am inclined to say 'no there's no need' but I have a doubt since the aelf Executioners (Darkling Coven faction) have a similar rule which, unlike the raptor's rule, specifically says that there's no need to roll to wound:


Severing Strike: If the hit roll for an Executioner is 6 or more, its Executioner’s Draich inflicts 2 mortal wounds on the target instead of its normal Damage – no roll to wound is necessary.

By comparing these abilities, it feels like the vanguard-raptors still need to roll to wound before they can inflict mortal wounds whereas the executioners don't need to.

What do you think?

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As above no wound roll is necessary. 


For reference if you look at Mortal Wounds in the rules it states that when mortal wounds occur no wound roll is required, once triggered they are simply applied as per suffered wound allocation. 

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