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Lend me your hands! Let's all summon for Gorkamorka to give Gutbusters a new battletome!


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Hi everyone,

As I am very sad about Gutbusters and Grots or other Destruction factions getting no battletome and I am also sick of complaining I want to try another thing. If everything fails there is always faith. 

Has anyone ever watched Dragonball or knows the scene where Son Goku asks for all humanity to lend them their strength so he could summon a giant energy ball to destroy his enemies?

I deeply believe that our beloved Destruction God Gorkamorka will hear our prayers and give us what we want (maybe he would be happier if we just slaugther each other or start a giant brawl , but there is still hope).

So i call for all Destruction factions (or players of Destruction) to raise your hands in the air and give me all your energy!!! Grots, Ogors, Trolls, Orruks, please, raise your hands (Or claws, whatever) in the air! Give me all your energy! And summon the all-punching god Gorkamorka to bless us with battletomes!!!

Maybe Gorkamorka will hear our prayers and bless us with new battletomes!


Edit: Sorry I forgot to include proper instructions: Raise your hands above in the air and look up into the sky. After that you have to roar: WAAAAAAGH! as loud as you can!

Or just simply write down WAAAAGH! in this thread. Or maybe do both!!

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I want a Gitmob Grot alleigance! I'm thinking,

Sneaky Gits - If there's one thing a Grot learns early in life it's that letting other stupid gits go first is a good way to live longer. A Gitmob character cannot be targeted by ranged Attacks or Spells if there is a unit with more than 20 models within 3" of them.

Green Tide - Nothing makes a Grot go forward like a swarm of other Grots ready to trample him underfoot. Gitmob Grots are Immune to Battleshock tests if there are at least 2 other Gitmob units with over 20 Models in them within 10" of the unit.

Stab Em While Dey Aint Lookin - If a Gitmob Unit or Character Charges they gain +1 to Wound and increase their Rend by -1 against any enemy who has yet to activate in the following combat phase. This bonus increases to +2 to Wound and -2 Rend if the unit was already engaged with a Gitmob unit that is larger than them.

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