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  1. I agree. At the moment it could be anything. GW changed their strategies very often. They sold Start Collecting Boxes, Battleboxes, Faction 1 vs. Faction 2 Boxes with one new model each, Faction 1 vs. Faction 2 Boxes with more than one new model each etc. It could also be an entire new set concept. Maybe we don't get a set with faction 1 vs. faction 2 again, who knows. Maybe we might get an entire new Ogor range with all the resin Ogor models updated. Im kidding, but this would be very cool. I guess the faction 1 vs. faction 2 makes the most sense, but it could also be totally different.
  2. Im currently constantly refreshing the Warhammer Community page. Do you think we might get new infos on the reveals today?
  3. Jeah. This is what I am hoping for. I guess if they release a new Tyrant they will propably also release Ogor endless spells. Maybe like Gloomspite Gitz, different themed spells depending on which Ogor tribe. Maybe a Maw spell for Gutbusters tribes and icy/frost-themed spells for Beastlaw Raiders. And maybe, because the only wizards which Ogors have are Finecast, we will also get a new wizard. Maybe a new and cool Butcher. But this is just wishful thinking. But I think it would be great if we get a new Butcher model. Edit: I guess they could also get the Khorne/Fireslayers treatment and get some kind of endless spells which aren't really endless spells.
  4. Just one thing. Everyone now expects a new Ogor tome. I mean it is heavily hinted at, especially with "The Mawtribes". But right now GW hasn't confirmed any Ogor tome coming. It would be great if they put all Ogors in one faction. But as someone said before, I fear that GW retcons Beastclaw Raiders and makes them generic Ogors again. This would be bad, because BCR have such a good lore. I don't know which Ogors are finecast at the moment and which are not, but I believe that everything Finecast could be squatted from the Ogors. The video does show several Ogor units. Are some of them in the video finecast? Or are they all plastic? I bought most of my "Gutbuster Ogors" in 6th Edition in Warhammer Fantasy, so I don't really know which models are finecast and plastic anymore. I guess the Bulls and Ironblasters will stay. But which models are finecast or metal at the moment and might be squatted later? Does anyone know?
  5. I wouldn't say he actively discouraged others from exploring the format. He even said that he doesn't like hardcore elitism. He only said that he doesn't think that ME is a viable competitive option. I disagree with this statement, because I think it is a good competitive option. But I wouldn't go that far and say that he actively discouraged me from playing this format. I really hope that the format catches on and more people will play it. I think it is a step in the right direction, especially for new players. I think the current "normal" format (2k) discourages people from joining the hobby. And I think GW really tries to establish new formats for new players, but it is often the community that dismisses such formats.
  6. I compared the accent in the video to some Mongolian accent videos on YouTube. The accent is also pretty similar to a mongolian english accent. But maybe someone can analyze this better. I am not a native speakers. English is only my second language.
  7. No one has talked about this yet directly. But I really like the setting of the new Underworlds Season: Ghur is such a cool realm. I really hope they will explore Ghur-ian themes more in AoS. If they really focus on Ghur I am utterly excited with the new concepts they will come up with.
  8. Jeah especially because they were combined before. This is where I don't mind soup battletomes. Beastclaw Raiders and Gutbusters were one army before. There are times when a division makes sense and times were a combination makes sense. For example I really liked that they divided Grots and Orruks from each other. Grots (or Goblins) were always just the henchmen of Orruks. Them being their own thing makes them even cooler and more special. Now they don't have to be the henchmen of Orruks. They are now their own faction with all kind of different creatures which live in caves and all hail the Bad Moon. But for Ogors it does make more sense to combine them with each other. There can still be different tribes with different backstories. But in the end they are all Ogors.
  9. This is all I wanted from GW. Some sign that Ogors get some kind of support in AoS. A new model especially designed for AoS is perfect.
  10. Jeah. The more I think about it, the more "meh" I am feeling about a combined Orruk battletome. The combined battletomes should be for old unsupported factions to make them viable again. But a faction like Ironjawz should stand on their own. The same with Bonesplittaz. Also they didn't even get endless spells. And it is a combined Orruk tome without REGULAR Orruks, which will propably become Legends later. People are waiting for a Bonesplittaz battletome and an Ironjawz battletome very long and they don't even get a terrain piece or endless spells, while factions like Beasts of Chaos (which were always a side faction of Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy) get terrain and endless spells. I mean Ironjawz were one of the first new factions in Age of Sigmar and they feel like part of the unsupported factions from the old world, even though they were introduced in AoS. And I have voiced my opinion on Ogors. Gutbusters and friends (Man-Eaters, Firebellies) are one of the only big old world factions who didn't even get a battletome or allegiance abilities in the new GHB2019. I thought them getting no Allegiance abilities meant they were definitely getting a battletome this year. Now I fear they might "vault" Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders one day and abandon the Ogor concept completely.
  11. Oh. Great! Cool to see that people are still enjoying Silver Tower. I never got into it, because it also never supported those models that I really liked. Warcry is the same for me. If Warcry would have had new and cool Destruction units I would have instantly bought it. But I am personally not a fan of the "Chaos warbands battle it out to gain favors from their gods" - narrative. There were so many versions of this from Warhammer Fantasy to Age of Sigmar. I know that most people play Order or Chaos. My very first Warhammer model was a Nurgle Chaos model. But I am personally more a fan of the underdogs (Destruction, Death) and want them to be in the Spotlight.
  12. Jeah. Maybe Warcry will be next big thing. But I have a feeling that Warcry will turn out to be the next Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower or Warhammer Quest: Hammerhal. Does anyone remember these? Or does anyone still play Silver Tower anymore? This was also planned as multiple iterations and was hyped the same way that Warcry was at the time. But there were only two iterations of Warhammer Quest and after this the concept had been abandoned. I have the feeling that the only side games for AoS with any long-term potential are the games, which focus on all the factions and not only one Grand Alliance (Yes, Warcry does focus on other factions, but they are mainly focussed on Chaos). Because of this I think that only Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds have long-term potential. I think GW should put more of their resources on both game systems.
  13. I have to say, as excited as some people are about Warcry, I would be happier if GW would have put the money completely into AoS, instead of creating another specialist game. But I am propably not their target audience with Warcry. I am going to skip Warcry, because I am not a big fan of Chaos and I have spend a lot of money on Gloomspite Gitz this year.I have to agree with you that I don't see Warcry as an AoS release. But this is just me.
  14. Maybe we get something for Underworlds? 😞 I don't know. I mean I have to say I did know what was coming for me. But I at least expected some kind of Ogor news. As GW announced a battletome for every GA I really have thought Gutbusters or Beastclaw Raiders would get something. And a combined Orruk battletome is cool, but sadly there are also no endless spells for them. The reason I am not THAT disappointed is because Destruction got Gloomspite Gitz at the start of the year and I am still so in love with them. I switched from being an Ogor guy to being a Grot guy immediatly. But deep down in my heart I am still an Ogor guy. And I only switched to the Gitz, because we Ogor players were in a big drought, which will propabbly continue at least for another year.
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