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  1. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    Maybe the Troll/Troggoth is a summoner/wizard who can summon those little schroom monsters? The Troggoth might be a "single model" warband which can summon all kinds of stuff? This would certainly be cool.
  2. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    Jeah if you compare the artwork of the Troggoth with the actual model, it looks way better for example. Could be the same for Darkoath.
  3. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    Most of the time I play Mixed Destruction. So any addition to Destruction as a Grand Alliance is welcome for me. But I would also plan on collecting Moonclan or whatever new Destruction will come, if I like the models. I will admit that a completely new Ogor faction would be neat and the number 1 choice for me. But most of us Ogor players have given up on hoping that GW might release something for us. So I stick to whatever I get. If I had to rank which armies I want most, I would rank it like this: First place: Ogors or Beastclaw Raiders Second place: Troggoths Third place: Grots and Squigs Last Place: Orruks So I am happy that my secon and third choice will get support in Nightvault. πŸ™‚ I really hope that the Troggoth gets a hero pofile in AoS. As I thought, they seem to be two seperate warbands. But they look cool. I like them. Especially the Troggoth warband seems antagonistic to the Sylvaneth one.
  4. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    I really don't want that the troll and the squig just turn out to be random monsters only for Shadespire. This would crush my hopes for a combined Moonclan-Troggoth faction. 😞 I really really wish for a new Destruction army release. And if all the rumours and pictures which look like Destruction in the end just turn out to be only a Shadespire warband release or just random monsters which won't appear again in another form in AoS this would make me really sad. Destruction really needs more attention. I also don't want to sound negative. But with all the cool Moonclan releases there is also a fear inside me that this will be everything which Destruction will get in the near future. There is also a small fear that the troll will turn out to be a "Chaos Troll" and because of that part of the Chaos faction, which I don't believe will happen. But there is still this little fear that I won't be able to include him in my Destruction army.
  5. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    Or that there are two Destruction factions? And maybe the other one hints for a future troll faction release? πŸ˜‰
  6. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    The gobbo looks cool. Also a totally different aesthetic than what I would have expected. Looks more like some kind of Ironjawz Gobbo. But I really hope that all the Grot rumours don't turn out to be just a small grot warband instead of a full new Grot army. I would still be happy about the new miniatures. But I think it would be very disappointing if Destruction only gets a new Warband after the long wait. But the helmet looks a lot like a Grot face. Maybe we get something similar to the Kharadron Overlords. But instead of Dwarfs in armor looking like metal dwarfs, we get Grots in armor looking like metal grots.
  7. Infeston

    What is "narrative gaming"

    I don't know if he solely means narrative tournaments, if you look at his initial post. He asks about "narrative gaming" and "narrative events" in general: As I understand his post he asks why does something like narrative gaming even exists if it is just competitive gaming with backstory. In short: "What is the purpose of narrative gaming?" Also he mentioned someone from his group trying out narrative gaming. So I don't think it is solely about tournaments with a narrative focus, but more about narrative gaming in general. At least that is how I understood it. But maybe @Dead Scribe can clear things up. πŸ˜„
  8. Infeston

    What is "narrative gaming"

    Narrative gaming is very much a cooperative experience. You can bring the list you want, but your first thought for narrative gaming should always be "How do I make this game enjoyable and fun for my opponent". I think this might describe the mentality of narrative gaming the best. I think the difference between the mindset of a competitive player and a narrative player can be summarized like this: Competitive: "How do I beat my opponent in the best way possible with minimal losses. The opponent player has to be defeated and my ultimate goal is to win" Narrative: "How do I make this match or game the most enjoyable for my opponent and me. What interesting things could I do so that my opponent enjoys the match the most. My opponent is not my enemy, but instead he is my partner". As I said before, if your mindset is already "I have to bring the best list to win this event" then you might have the wrong mindset for a narrative event. You can still bring your fully optimised list to an event if it is also fluffy or has fun mechanics. But I think you have to reflect about your intentions behind choosing this list. Do you bring this list for the sole purpose of beating your opponents? Or do you choose this list, because you think it will provide an interesting and fun experience for your opponent and because your opponent will have fun playing against you? As many have said before, it has to do a lot with your own mindset. Especially if you are going to a narrative event with an extremely competitive mindset it could be that you will ruin everyone's experience you play against.
  9. Infeston

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    I am really not a fan of introducing something like a competitive standard for AoS. I think GW provided a lot of tools for competitive players and every other kind of player to design events or matches the way they want. GW did a lot to cater to all different kinds of players and provided tools for everyone. But establishing something like a competitive standard might sound good at first, but will eventually lead up to everything and every game being judged on this standard, because people will this treat as the "official way" to play the game. I have seen many games going down this route and turning from more casual games to competitive games and often the atmosphere and mentality of players changes a lot after going down that route. These games might also get a big influx of players, but often at a high price. I think the way GW is doing things now is the best way to satisfy all kinds of gamers. Also what AoS, 40k and other tabletop games makes unique is that you have to communicate with your opponent a lot and find ways to solve problems or conflicts together with your opponent. By establishing a global standard for AoS you are removing this aspect of the game, because people can just say "We play global standard, so we don't need to find a common ground on how we want to play". But I think for AoS it is really important that you also put players in situations where they have to talk with their opponent on how they want to play. But this is my personal opinion. I have to say that I (personally) really don't want AoS to go full competitive. I like how they do things now, by providing something for everyone and not telling that something is the "right way" to play this game.
  10. Infeston

    What is "narrative gaming"

    @Dead Scribe I think it also has a lot to do with your own mindset. I would say that narrative gamers also often have a very different mindset compared to " normal gamers". From reading your posts and how you rate the suggestions from the player in your group I would guess that you maybe don't really understand the mindset behind narrative gaming and that maybe the whole concept of playing a game and not focus on winning might seem odd to you. But in the end narrative gaming really is not about winning, but about roleplaying. You win a narrative game by creating an exciting story for both players. I can only recommend you to give the suggestions of the friend in your group a try, because it can be sooo much fun. In the end most narrative gamers often all have tried competitive gaming, but not many competitive gamers have tried narrative gaming. Narrative gaming can also mean that you change the conditions in the middle of the battle if the battle is too one-sided. I often did a twist in some narrative battles if the battle got too one-sided to make the battle even again. Narrative gaming gives you the ability to be creative. I think it is very important to emphasize that hardcore narrative gaming isn't about winning. If you already approach a narrative game by thinking about a way to beat your opponent or how to best defeat your opponent in the fastest way possible, you might be approaching narrative gaming in a wrong way. I would also argue that narrative gaming requires a lot of talking during the match. But instead of talking about rules or argueing about if you are close enough to a model, you argue with your gaming partner what could be fun or what makes sense from a lore perspective. For example: From a competitive standpoint it maybe doesn't make sense to charge all your units directly into the enemies. But maybe if your army is a very angry and wild Orruk tribe, they will do things which might not be viable competitively, but make sense from a narrative standpoint. Another scenario could be a small warband (consisting of 500 points) facing a huge army (2000 points). There is no way the 500 point army can defeat the 2000 point army. But maybe the objective of this small army could be that one unit has to escape to the edge of the battlefield, so that he can call for reinforcements, while the others die gloriously in battle. I would advise you to just try narrative play and be open about it. Your friend seems to have a little bit of an understanding what the gist of narrative gaming is about. Let him set something up and then just let it happen to you. πŸ˜„ But you have to put the competitive mindset aside and open your mind. πŸ™‚
  11. I work in education. And this is the basically the way you have to approach most of the situations where people have to learn something. You always have to adjust and balance the challenge for the other person, so that the person can learn something. If you go directly all in and use the full repertoire on a player who has no experience, the other player will learn nothing. But he also won't learn anything if you don't provide a challenge. So I think it is the responsibility of the more experienced player to adjust the challenge for the unexperienced player. But in this scenario I don't think the other player had any interest in a fair and even match and just wanted to stomp his opponent.
  12. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    I think this a bit of an oversimplification and also an overexaggeration. The people who are posting in this forum are not all part of the same homogenous group. It is always different people complaining about different things. If Destruction will get something good, you won't hear the people who play Destruction complain, if Death gets something good the people playing Death don't complain. But I agree that is always a certain structure to releases and the reactions to it. Even this response to your response "to not oversimplify things" was already made before. Even your response "that we always discuss the same things and that it is the same with every new release" is part of the vicious cycle. And you also have to look at if it is always the same people saying the same things or if it is always different people discussing the same things. Because even though the structure may be very similar to other discussions, there are always comments breaking out of this logic. And you always have some people breaking the cycle.
  13. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    This speaks to me on many levels. I also bought some new Stormcast, Nighthaunt and Idoneth models as they came out, because they got new releases and I also like some of the themes. But nothing got me more excited than painting the new Fungoid-Cave Shaman as it came out. I sometimes struggle to paint the new Stormcast, Nighthaunt and Idoneth miniatures. I still like the miniatures of those factions, but nothing gets me happier as a Destruction release. I painted the cave shaman faster than any other miniature before, because I sat down every day to paint it a little bit and I enjoyed it a lot more than painting the miniatures from other factions. I was happy to get back from work or woke up early to start painting this miniature again, because I liked the model so much. It is this way for other Destruction models as well. It is like you said. Some people are "Orc guys" (or Ogor or Grot or Troggoth guys) and we love those factions from the deepest depths of our hearts (too cheezy for someone who plays Destruction?). I mean I was an Ogor guy before, but I am still happy if we get new Grots, because I also really like the fungus theme. And the moment I saw the new troggoth picture I already imagined all the different ways I could paint it and how much fun I would have painting it. I could still collect and paint other armies, but it wouldn't be the same way as painting something Destruction related. I myself am very passionate about Destruction and there is no other alliance or army who could fill in the void if Destruction would be removed.
  14. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    I think it is also a lot about the themes of an army or a grand alliance. I think a lot Destruction players (myself included) have an interest in miniatures which are designed the way Destruction is designed. The armies of Destruction contain a lot of natural themes, beasts, hairy monsters and tribal imagery, which you won't get in any other alliance. So I think many Destruction players want armies and models which fit the "Destruction theme". Our problem can't be solved by simply choosing another army which gets supported more, simply because there is no army, which fits the theme that we want from an army. You won't get this with any other army. You may get monsters with other armies, but not of the same kind and theme like Destruction. For most of us Destruction players the other allegiances don't have what we want. Destruction caters to a special need for a special kind of players theme-wise. I mean why do you play the army that you play and not any other army? Something must also have drawn you to this kind of army. It is the same way for Destruction players. Also if we would have more options to choose from I think many of us wouldn't consider themselves as "Detruction" players. But the only "fleshed out" armies with battletomes that we have are Bonesplittaz, Ironjawz and Beastclaw. Alsoooo before Destruction it was all the Death players who complained about not getting anything. At this time most of us Destruction players were quiet even though we also didn't get anything, because the Death players got it worse. And see what they got after all their complaining! πŸ˜‰ A giant wave of releases. So there is also a little bit of hope that we might get something if we complain hard enough. πŸ˜‰
  15. Infeston

    The Rumour Thread

    As someone who doesn't play 40k and as a Destruction AoS player I have to say that I find the news a bit underwhelming. I also always fear that all the rumors about a new Moonclan Grot army will turn out to be false and that we will instead "only" get a Moonclan shadespire warband instead of a full new army. I mean this would still be better than not getting anything, but I still think I would be very disappointed. But I am still happy for all the people who got something out of the reveals for them. Sadly the little flying squig couldn't really satisfy me, because it is for Shadespire again. If they would have teased the squig with "A preview for an upcoming army" I would be hyped. But after this reveal I fear that all the Moonclan rumours will turn out to be just a sharespire warband. I mean it would still be cool to get new models, but also a kick in the nuts for some Destruction fans. Or do we really have relatively confirmed rumours about a new grot army? Could all the rumours maybe also turn out to be just a Shadespire warband and maybe some information was misinterpreted?