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Gordrakk, Fist of Gork ingame?


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Have anyone use him in a game of AoS yet?

I was bored after reading about how Ironjaw can beat Nagash so I tried him out.
I kill Nagash(with one mystic shield) 2 out of 3 tries!!!!

Personally I find that if I boost him with a Warchanter and have a Orruk Warboss with WAAAGH! Banner boosting him, he is a freaking monster!!!
Should he use his command ability on himself I find that it is just too scary!

Anyone with actual battlefield usage?

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I used him for the first time on Tuesday night, he is a monster in combat! I did use his command ability on him and it wrecks face... Even with 9 wounds on him he deleted a unit of Storm Cast Paladins, the dude's a legend!!!

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Fortunately and unfortunately he's 90% of the strategy of the Ironjawz. With his fast movement speed and flying he can assassinate key targets, or take out small units quickly or stay back and engage at the proper time with a super command ability charge. He's also borderline too strong. He's essentially the Nagash of Ironjawz. If the enemy doesn't have a stardrake, Nagash, Skarbrand or Glotkin its an unbalanced game. 

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I've run him at 2 tournaments, he's great. He will die most games though.



- a big threat, they have to deal with him, so if they're shooting him, then they're not shooting you're stonehorn/ thundertusk or other scary things

- doesn't lose much fight as he gains wounds

- impact hits are very reliable



- huge base size means often i can't find a place to move him where i want him to, there's a fence or one of my own units in the way

- as he takes wounds he gets very slow so often ends up sitting on the other side of the board by himself doing nothing

- only 15 wounds, so not that survivable, if they get the charge on you with something fighty he'll die before he gets to fight.

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