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Found 20 results

  1. Hey all! At long last I finally have my Ironjaws nearly fully painted. Really anxious to drop Destruction undivided and finally get some games in with these bad boyz. I had a couple of questions before I start building my list.... and that's how in the nine circles of Hades do I build my list 😜 I've been reading the Ironjaw discussion forum and have seen a lot of talk about "alpha strike" & "deep strike". What are those things and how do I pull them off? I'm also wondering about spell and wizard choices. Before GH2019 everyone was spamming Fungoids, now everyone is going back to Weirdknobs. Is there any particular reason for that? Are Fungoids still a good choice? I'm also reading a lot about the hand of Gork "teleportation". Can someone explain how to use this effectively? Are Chronomantic Cogs still a good choice? Lastly, is the battalion consensus pretty much Ironfist and Bloodtoofs? Any help would be amazing. Thanks boyos
  2. GreenGoblinStudio

    Grimgor Ironhide

    My favourite model growing up as a kid! Manage to track one down, in the background are my old converted Black Orks Available for commissions www.greengoblinstudio.com

    © GreenGoblinStudio

  3. rogluk


    If you have two Warchanter, their ability is cumulable?
  4. Hampshire Hammerers

    Gurzags’ Lads

    My first warband, painted mainly using the forge world clear paints over white undercoat
  5. Hi all! have recently decided to get back into the hobby and start playing Age of Sigmar. Have signed up to a local League and am putting together an Ironjawz/Destruction based force, utilising a number of Ogre models I had already. Can anyone suggest a)best load out for Orruk Brutes and b) general improvements? Would love to get either a Stonehorn or Thundertusk soon if they are effective? Or maybe leadbelchers for some ranged attacks? Looking to stick to 'big' units (I.e. No grots etc, have a large 40k ork horde army and can't face painting that many models again!) Thanks in advance! Current list: Megaboss Weirdnob Shaman 5 Brutes 5 Brutes 3 Gore Gruntas 6 Ogors 3 Ironguts 2 Mournfang Cavalry Aleguzzler Gargant
  6. What is going on? This is @MilesTheHammer and I finally joined TGA officially. Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are my AoS armies and anything Green skinned I got love for it. I will be putting my 2 cents on some threads and feel free to follow me on twitter @MilesTheHammer. WAAAGH!
  7. Hey! I've got two armies for sale 40 Bloodreavers -20 starter box, 20 two handed weapons £30 4 Citadel Woods - Mostly painted, a dry brush or two away from completion £50 IRONJAWZ 15 Brutes 1 Megaboss 1 Megaboss on Mawkrusha 3 Gore Gruntas 1 Warchanter 1 Weirdnob (unpictured, unassembled) 10 Ardboyz (unpictured) 1 Wurzzag because why not 1 Hardback Ironjawz book Retail from Element games for this is over £190. I'd take £120, negotiable (plus P+P). If you are in the Nottingham area you can collect and just ignore the P+P. TZEENTCH Lord of Change Thaumaturge Changeling Gaunt Summoner Gaunt Summoner on disc NEW IN BOX 3 Skyfires 3 Flamers 20 Tzaangor 12 Pink Horrors 10+ Blue Horrors 10+ Brimstone Horrors 20+ Kairic Acolytes Hardback Book There are a few unassembled horrors/acolytes/tzaangor I'll chuck in too. Element games retail is around £190. I'd take £120 plus P+P. Collection available.
  8. So Destruction huh... I rebased my Ogres the minute AoS dropped and have been using them exclusively until SCGT 2016 when I re-based my demons. But before this madness began (don't we all just love re-basing an entire army!) I had bought some Orcs to add to my Ogres. The Orcs will be painted up in the same scheme as the Ogres (The Meat Men ofMitzmanheim) and are slowly coming together. Here are some photos of what is finished and a couple of wip shots of my troll unit.
  9. Guys which list do you think would do better in a tournament: LeadersOrruk Megaboss (140)Orruk Megaboss (140)Orruk Warchanter (80)Battleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)10 x Orruk Brutes (360)BattalionsIronfist (60)Total: 1500/2000 The megabosses stick close to the brutes, while gore grunts flank the army and try to get to big monsters or shooting units as fast as possible. Or Allegiance: IronjawzLeadersOrruk Megaboss (140)Orruk Warchanter (80)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Battleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)BattalionsIronfist (60)Total: 1480/2000 this is a more well rounded list with more models to grab objectives and less punch. At least with this list I can cast mystic shield on brutes.
  10. So I've been playing Ironjawz for about a year now. With some success, I took 3rd with pure BALANCED Ironjawz at the Las Vegas Open, and was 2nd in battle points. I'm seeing a ton of lists right now that have between 20-40 brutes, and I just don't like it for a few reasons. Just wanna hear some peoples thoughts on this. 1. They have abuse able bravery. There was a gentlemen playing a list like this at LVO and what happened to him was his opponent took every opportunity to force bravery tests and he lost a good number of Brutes that way. 2. Why not Ardboys, I love them. Your getting 20 wounds with a 4+ and they also hit pretty damn hard. They have the potential to have 8 bravery in combat and get them long bomb charges. 3. I personally think that they will be going up in points in GH2, perhaps to 200 or even 220 for the unit.
  11. I'm feeling a bit bored of Green... so I'm looking for some ideas and colors (GW or Vallejo) to do a non-green Orruk/IronJaws skin color scheme. Some of the ideas I had were doing them in an orange'ish theme or doing them in a sand-skin theme. I've attached two pictures below and was hoping for some thoughts on how to achieve these results or if anyone has any other color ideas! Thanks and I appreciate everyone reading my first Topic Post! Geoff
  12. I've been using this locally and was wondering what the wider TGA community thought of this competitive list using both the Ironfist and the Ardfist battalions in a pure Ironjaws list. Mawkrusha 520 (Warlord, ravager, brew) Megaboss 140 (brew) Chanta x 2 160 (One is in the ardfist formation gets the 4+ward save) Brutes x 5 180 (1handers, Big Boss usually in here) Brutes x 5 180 (2handers, goes behind a unit or ardboys somewhere) Gruntas x 3 180 (1"weps) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardfist 40 Ironfist 60 Total 2000 I had been running a list that was just one big ironfist but I kept getting wrecked by alpha strikes(shooting, drop rets) and/or losing attrition battles to other fighty armies(khornebb, death). Overall I was doing quite well with the big ironfist list but it had some bad match ups and I wanted to keep playing pure badass orks so I came up with this list. So far its worked quite well. It plays pretty much like any other ironjaws list, hammer them down asap, but there is one exception. With the ardfist you can afford to sacrifice some of your ardboys in the first couple of turns as long as you can keep the chanter alive or hidden and somewhat centrally located. Even tho I dont get the extra d6 move ardboys are still quite speedy with their +2 to run. In fact, they are fast enough to get on objectives turn one and be ready to absorb a nasty charge, I often place the 2" brutes behind them for extra charge absorbing effectiveness. The ardboys can then be ready to slog back onto the board turn 3 or 4 and help secure the back line or run and plug up any holes. Its been pretty nasty! Also I love being able to be very reckless with some units as long as I'm conservative with others, namely that one special war chanta. Only change I would make after the few games I've played is swapping out the gruntas(they are always underwhelming) for a third unit of brutes. The extra mobility is nice, but its overkill for the sacrafice in damage output. Just having a 3rd claw and brute smasha would be nice. Anyways let me know what you all think. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Would like opinions on this list. I think it looks ridiculously awesome, but do you think it is viable? I played 1 game but got diced so hard(rolled I'd say 89% 1's and 2's. My opponent was astonished) that I still can't Tell Hero: Ironjaw MegaBoss Battleline: Ogors: x6, Weapon and Fist, command Ogors: x6, weapon and fist, command Other: Ironjaws Brutes: x5, jagged gore hackas(I know. Brute choppas better. But I play what I model and didn't know this when I built them!) Ironjaws Brutes: x5, twin Brute choppas(I learned for the second box haha) For my part I know its short on units and has no shooting or magic. I just figured it would play very destructiony(run up, punch face, continue punching face) and would be reasonably fast cause of the rampaging destroyers rule. thoughts?
  14. Hey all, First post here, looks like an amazing community. I Had no idea a competitive AoS forum was out there, barring of course reddit, and who really wants to go there Anyhow, my buddies and I don't really do all the crazy scenarios in the Gen's handbook, mostly just battle line straight warfare. We're currently playing 2K. I've always been crazy about black orcs of any kind, I'm ecstatic that they have their own book now. Trying to make a super competitive list to make my friends cry. My group currently contains a vamp player, tomb kings player, and WoC: Slannesh player. I'm totally not opposed to playing general Destruction, but I only have models from the orcs & goblins currently. I can grab ogre units if its optimal, my only requirement is that an Ironjaw MUST lead the army, be it Gordrakk or anyone else. Any1 have suggestions? Is Gordrakk worth his points? Should I be using trolls? Are pure Ironjawz better than a destro army? Noobish side question, does an Ironjaw allegiance army need to be completely Ironjawz? Thank you in advance for any and all help.
  15. 'Allo. I've just discovered some of the amazing painting blogs on this forum and it's inspired me to start my own. I've been painting this army over the past couple of months and I'll be adding to it over the next few months as well. Any comments and advice is welcome. I decided to go for a darkish scheme of blue and black with a few bright spot colours in yellow, orange and red. It's probably not to everyone's taste, but please let me know what you think. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more goregruntaz (only have 1 finished so far), and some big squiggly beasts from the moonclan grots. I'm a bit concerned that the overall effect of the army is quite dark, especially from a distance, so I'm hoping a few splashes of bright orange squigs here and there will help lift it. Please let me know what you think.
  16. There are some factions that have units which count as battleline if you have specyfic allegiance- in this case Ardboys. If someone wants pure ironjaws army, he must pick ironjaws allegiance. In that case he can not use artifacts and traits for destruction allegiance? This is an interpretation of my local gaming club, but the way I see it, you build a legal army using allegiance keywords and afterwards, before battle, you just pick a keyword you want to use.
  17. I played my first game with the Sylvaneth recently against my friends Iron Jaws. I only took painted models for this game, so I was a little limited, but I could easily do the 2000 points we had decided on. We also played the comet scenario from the Generals Handbook. My list consisted of: Tree lord Ancient (Oaken Armor, an extra spell) Drycha (the spell that generates woods) Branchwych (regrowth) Branch wraith (Acorn of Ages, The Reaping Spell) Spirit of Durthu 3 x 10 Dryads 2 x 6 Kurnoth Hunters (Great Bows) Firstly the army felt small, although my opponents Ironjaws looked similar. He had: Godrak Mega Boss Orc Shaman Warchanter 2 x 5 Brutes 2 x 10 Ardboyz 3 x Goregruntas Deployment: Turn 1 Pete went first and roared across the table. The move in the Hero phase that Destruction units get made the army super fast. Everything moved up and allowed Gordrak to attempt to charge, but he failed. In my turn I popped out a couple of woods and fired a few arcane bolts doing minimal damage. I ran Drycha up to attempt a turn one charge (which she failed - this was an error as you'll find out later). I moved the Kurnoth Hunters to allow them to shoot the Ardboyz on the right flank and the Spirit of Durthu moved into the Acorn of Ages Wood ready to charge Godrak. I thought that this was my chance to get him off with Durthus mighty sword. However I failed the charge (its important to note I also forgot the Spirit Paths rule that could have allowed Durthu to move and charge on the roll of a six). Still, there was the chance of the double turn.... ...which I didn't get Turn 2 When Pete measured for his spells Drycha was in range for Foot of Gork, which Pete got off due to the proximity of being near orcs and some arcane scenery. He promptly stomped Drycha three times and killed her dead. Gordrak tore into the son of Durthu, bellowed at him for 5 wounds, and then killed him easily with the attacks that multiply out to D3 on a 6 vs monsters, heroes and wizards. He also charged the Kurnoth Hunters. The comet came down in the square on my right flank which was good as it was uncontested, meaning I had a shot to get it with the dryads or the hunters if they could finish off the units they were fighting. He also charged my ancient who killed a Brute whilst taking two wounds in return. In my turn I found that I couldn't escape from the Brutes with the Ancient due to the rule of being 9" away from models. This has been an issue in all my games with the Sylvaneth since AoS dropped - its really hard to move around if your opponent pops a model or two in the middle of a wood. The new rules allowing up to three woods to count will help, but then it becomes very difficult to place them. Anyhow, I'm digressing from the game, which was spiralling out of control fast! The Treelord missed with all his attacks (standard fare), and the Kurnoth Hunters did minimal damage with the bows. The Dryads failed their mystical terrain test for the second turn in a row and got wiped out. The unit in the centre stood and moved to contest the comet the had landed in the middle of my lines. The Branch wraith and Branchwych took up station to try and stop Godrak charging the ancient, knowing full well they were being sacrificed for the greater good! Turn 3 I lost the dice roll for turn three, but we were still drawing at this stage. The orcs continued to pour forwards. Gordrak went into the Branchwych, killed her and then charged again into the Branchwraith and killed her too. I was pretty sure Pete could have got into the Ancient, but I think at this point he was easing off the gas and didn't do it. This didn't matter as the Ancient went down to the two units of Brutes. I had successfully failed 12 3+ armour saves over 4 rounds of combat. This is a solid effort, even by my standards. The gore gruntas finally removed one unit of Kurnoth Hunters, and the Megaboss got into combat with the others to help out the Ardboyz. The Hunters had proved to be surprisingly resilient with the preroll on the saves, which made up for the fact they couldn't hit a barn door with their shooting! Turn 4 Turn 4 I lost the roll off again and the Gore Gruntas claimed the objective on Petes side of the board. Gordrak smashed my Dryads in the centre allowing him to claim that too. With only a Kurnoth Hunter and 10 Dryads left we called the game. The Ironjaws had been victorious! Conclusions 1. Man, I could not roll dice today! However I also forgot a lot of rules and I'm not sure I considered my army combos well enough. By my own admission I've spent a lot more time painting than I have reading the rules! 2. Kurnoth Hunters were very resilient, and would have been better with hand weapons in this game. Saying that I think that the bows are still a good option. 3. I'm not sure what I could have done against Gordrak other than run away and arcane bolt him. He was horrendously destructive. The fight with Durthu would have been better if I had remembered the rules and I think there may be ways to get him closer and make the charge more viable. I also played Drycha wrong. She would have been better being held back, although I didn't realise the potential of Foot of Gork. This meant I had lost my two best combat pieces before my second turn which really left me on the back foot. Overall there are a lot of things I learnt. Hopefully we'll get a game in next week and I can try out a few more things.
  18. Hi all Im currently working on my Ironjaws. First up is my Megaboss. He will set the tone and direction for the rest of the army. I like how he looks, so far. But I would like to make him pop more. C and C welcome.
  19. Have anyone use him in a game of AoS yet? I was bored after reading about how Ironjaw can beat Nagash so I tried him out. I kill Nagash(with one mystic shield) 2 out of 3 tries!!!! Personally I find that if I boost him with a Warchanter and have a Orruk Warboss with WAAAGH! Banner boosting him, he is a freaking monster!!! Should he use his command ability on himself I find that it is just too scary! Anyone with actual battlefield usage?
  20. On Friday we played Defend the Dias from the Quest for Ghal Maraz as a 2v2 using 50 pools of SCGT each. Here's a picture of the armies on the table, the ambushers are on the far side, the invaders, the nearest. The armies from left to right, starting with death, in the top left, are 5 Hexwraiths, 2 Morghast Archai, a Mortis Engine, Arkhan The Black(part built), 3 Spirithost, 2x10 Skeleton Warrior and a Wight King. Arkhan was his general and the scenario's general, he also declared the formaiton from the start collecting Malignents box, Spirits of Felblood(which is currently uncosted on the SCGT so we let him have it for free, the skaven player was also using one but heavens can I remember the name of it.). Death seems quite fun to play with or against. The second ambusher, the skaven player, didn't quite have all his models on the table yet, in the picture he's currently repairing his plague catapult he dropped. He brought 30 Clan Rats, a Packmaster, 2x20 Plague Monks, a Skaven Warlord, a Plague Furnace,a Plauge Catapult and 3 Ratling Guns. In the handful of games we've played so far the skaven have proven terrifying, getting into the plague monks to stop there charge seems really important but letting the rattling guns sit back and fire seems silly too. The Warlord was his general The first Invaders, army in the bottom left, has a mix of Ironjaws and Fyreslayers, he had gotten the Ironjaws early in the week and was super excited to play them but couldn't make up 50 pools worth so they're with the slayers. He has 15 'Ard boyz, a Warchanter, a Weird Nob, a Megaboss, 5 Auric Hearthguard, a Battlesmith, a Grimwrath Bezerker and 5 Vulkite Berzerkers. In this game and the last we played the Fyreslayers have proven to be very tanky but quite poor on the damage per a turn. The Megaboss was his general and the Invaders' general, The Grimwrath was our secret unit with a 2+ save. Finally, the second invader, my current army, Khorrne. I brought 3x10 Bloodreavers, a Bloodstoker, a Lord of Chaos(Khorne marked), a Slaughterpriest, 5 Bloodwarriors, a Bloodsecrator, a Mighty Lord of Khorne and 5 Chaos Knights(Khorne marked). The Mighty Lord was my general and i declared the Dark Feast battalion. Moments into turn 1, after the ambushers have rolled for which units to deploy. The plaguecatapult began hurling death removing the weird nob in two attacks thanks to it's battalion and the ratling gun plinks of a few bloodreavers. In charging luckily for me the clanrats are the only unit to make the there charge, if the plaguemonks in the bottom left had gotten onto my secrater it would of gone alot worse for me. The clanrats attack left me with a unit of 2 bloodreavers and a unit of 1 but that's better than losing a different warscroll so i was happy. In reply, during are turn, the 'Ard boys went into the skeletons, my blood warriors into the plaguemonks and my slaughterpirest, lord of chaos, 3rd pack of bloodreavers into the clanrats. Alot of dead or fleeing rats leaves us with this as the table coming into turn 2. So if you're going to roll 6 6s out of 12 dice you should do it as a death player, the mortis engine ruined the Megaboss leaving him with 1 wound remaining. Also if you're going 2 6s out of 10 dice then 2 5s then 2 4s, then a 3, then a 2 you should do it as a death player, Arkan's cure of years, removed the 'Ard Boyz. Apart from a handful more dead skaven, that was it for turn 3. Last picture. It was looking bleak with our general only on 1 wound but we won the turn which let the Khorne move over more,but my ally decide to charge the megaboss forward but when he failed his charge roll and we passed the turn, some 40 ratling gun attacks removed the last of his wounds for an ambusher victory. All in all a good fight, the Ironjaws had a really poor showing but that might be because of the low numbers, not knowing there warscrolls well I coudln't be sure though. Death had an extremely good day with his rolls and Skaven proved as glass cannonish as always showing the best way to not get killed is to be the one killing.
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