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Blightwar/Vanguard next steps


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Hey all - I'm seriously considering grabbing Blightwar (or at least the SCE half) - I've always been a big fan of the vanguard minis so it just seemed like the perfect oppertunity.


Just pondering the options for next steps to push for 2k. Only getting 5 hunters is a bit of a shame in some respects.


I like the idea of basing a force around the angelos conclave (but 200 is a fair whack for a batallion!) But what would be a good next step to get the set up to fighting fit?


Would be wanting to keep the vanguard theme overall but thinking it could be cool to make use of allies as it would fit the theme of rangers fighting alonfgside local forces - perhaps dryads or wanderers etc? would also give a big unit for those missions that need more bodies!


Appreciative of any help - SCE differ alot from my usual fare of grots and skeletons but it has me a bit excited [emoji16]




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24 minutes ago, Ademo said:

Good thinking guys - I'm also intrigued by the blightwar batallion... can't find it anywhere online! Do you know if it has to include Neave?

Has to include neave+ 1 of everything in the box. Anything within 6" of her from the battalion gets a 5" move in the hero phase, anything you shot AND charge in the same turn, you get +1 hit againts.

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2 hours ago, Nico said:

So that synergises with the mortals on a 6+ rule for Palladors.

Yep, pretty sure it's only 1 unit of eacj, not 1-3 So for 2kpts I'd do a 6 of palladors and a 6 of longstrikes to start.

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