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New FAQs, Forgeworld and Compendium in one PDF

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I've compiled the General's Handbook 2017 FAQs, Forgeworld and Compendium PDFs into one text-searchable and indexed PDF. Its the top item here: https://aosshorts.com/useful-resources/.  Direct link here: https://aosshorts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/GHB2017-FAQs-v1.4.pdf

You'll also find other useful resources like the allies matrix, combat calculators, a deployment map for Escalation etc.

UPDATE: Now includes the GHB2017 FAQ released today and is much smaller at 22MB than the original.

UPDATE 2: Now includes Blightwar, Plague Toads, and the updated Tamurkhan Pitched Battle Profiles.

UPDATE 3: Now includes Firestorm.

UPDATE 4: Now includes Chaos FAQ and new Monstrous Arcanum scrolls.

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